The odds have been stacked against the Trump administration from the very beginning. He’s done a lot of great things since taking office – though you’ll never hear about it from the media because they don’t want you to know. Animal testing is being phased out by the Trump administration – and many people had absolutely no idea.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPTA) has decided to reduce animal testing. The goal is to phase out mammal studies completely by the year 2035. The agency will be using alternative test methods by awarding $4.25 million in grants to academic institutions. This will help to advance research and development using methods other than animal testing so that animals are eliminated from the equation entirely.

Animal rights advocates are loving the idea that animal testing is finally coming to an end. The Trump administration deserves full credit, too – particularly because there is a campaign against animal cruelty.

The biggest problem going on is that the mainstream media doesn’t like to offer positive stories. Additionally, they don’t want to give President Trump any credit because they are liberal Democrats. If it means having to paint Trump in a positive light, they will forgo the story entirely.

Some outlets did talk about the EPA’s new plan for eliminating animal testing. However, most did not mention that it was as a result of the Trump administration. They get more hits on their stories when it is anti-Trump in nature.

It’s a shame that the dishonesty is coming from so many news outlets. Everything is politically motivated these days – and some outlets have even spun the campaign against animal cruelty in a negative light, calling it the only welfare policy for animals that has come from the administration – when it simply isn’t true.

A variety of goals regarding animal rights has come out of the Trump administration. Various Republicans have been pushing for less animal cruelty and eliminating animal suffering. A federal crackdown has happened in regards to inhumane puppy mills, which includes commercial puppy breeding operations. The Department of Agriculture proposed rule and several Republicans jumped on board, including Florida representatives Matt Gaetz and Brian Mast.

Too many Americans have no idea what is happening behind the scenes in regards to animal welfare initiatives. Many have no idea that the government is involved in protecting animal rights. The “pets for vets” program and a reversal for euthanasia on horses on federal lands have taken place throughout the Trump administration, too. Yet, continuously, the stories get brushed under the rug.

The media doesn’t like to portray Trump as a compassionate individual. Their goal is to demean the president whenever possible. If they promote animal welfare initiatives that the Trump administration has been responsible for, it contradicts everything that they have said in the past – and they don’t want to show themselves as being wrong.

Many animal activists are still fighting for things that they haven’t realized have already been addressed. People want to talk about puppy mills when these are already under federal crackdown. People want to talk about animal testing when the reality is that the EPA is already on it.

What the media doesn’t realize is that they are causing people to waste their time and get upset over nothing. Americans deserve to know what is happening behind the scenes of the government – and that means they need to identify the various wins that the Trump administration has gotten in areas such as animal cruelty. Improving animal welfare and protecting animal rights has increased drastically throughout the time that Trump has been in office.

Although the media doesn’t want to identify that Trump has accomplished anything, they need to report the facts. The fake news is getting tiring, and it is something that Trump has had to fight for since getting into office.

Just as the media overinflated things that Obama did, they are under inflating the accomplishments of Donald Trump. This requires Republicans to read deeper and deeper into right-leaning news simply to find out more about what is going on. However, what chance do left-leaning people have of learning the truth?

If the media would simply report on everything that the president is doing, there would be a lot less hate. Animal activists want to blame Trump and everyone else in the government for not stepping in. If they only knew what was really happening, they might actually like Trump – but the media doesn’t want to have that happen because it messes with their agenda.