The left is going crazy about global warming, saying that we’ve only got a few years to be able to turn things around. We need to get rid of the cows, the fossil-fuel-burning companies, and a list of other things. Now, Huffington Post has an idea that they’ve been mercilessly ridiculed for: canceling Thanksgiving.

The carbon footprint of Thanksgiving is huge. According to a Huffington Post article, they suggested canceling the very holiday that brings us all together as Americans. The amount of traveling is horrible. Plus, they suggested that we ditch the turkey and all of the other meat-based recipes in favor of veggies.

Is this what the world has come to? Is ditching Thanksgiving really what’s going to save the globe? What about China and all of its coal factories? They have high air pollution and the highest carbon footprint of any country. They also have an exploding population in comparison to the United States.

Why should we have to give up this American holiday filled with traditions if no other country is going to do their part? Surely giving up turkey and traveling to grandma’s isn’t going to be what saves the globe?

The liberal news outlet went out of their way to make recommendations, including choosing a smaller turkey and ingredients that are sourced locally. They also recommend celebrating with family and friends locally so that it doesn’t require as much travel.

The article, which was published on Tuesday, identified as a ratio – a tweet so unfavorable with negative comments that it made recent Twitter history because of being so unliked. This means that there were plenty of Americans who didn’t want to give up their turkey or their holiday travel plans.

HuffPost shared the link to their article on Twitter with the suggestion of “skipping the turkey” and “more importantly, the travel.” Only 19 people retweeted, and they were probably people who work for HuffPost. Over 900 responses were made to the article, most of them mocking the content.

Plenty of snarky comments hit Twitter, with such comments that getting together would lead to kinship, and that couldn’t possibly be good for the planet. Others poked fun at how they would call out conservative family members over such things as impeachment and Medicare for All if they weren’t able to gather around the dinner table on Thanksgiving.

This isn’t the first time that Huffington Post tried to get the country to cancel the holiday of Thanksgiving. It’s actually been part of their agenda for a few years now. In 2016, Greg Schwem posted an article focused on “We Still Need to Cancel Thanksgiving.” This was while the country waited to find out whether Trump or Clinton would win the presidential elections.

They thought that it might be best to cancel Thanksgiving to avoid the political conversations that would likely take place after a bottle of Chardonnay was opened. They didn’t want to know what the country would be like if the elected President became Trump, the same person that the contributor of the article called “a psycho billionaire nutjob.” Little did he know that the “nutjob” would actually be responsible for lowering the unemployment rate and steadying the economy, but let’s not give credit where it’s due.

Instead, Schwem ripped apart anything that could be served at the Thanksgiving dinner table if you happen to have a Trump supporter in your midst, such as a hummus dip that could be identified as “Muslim-based” or talking about a Christmas movie released featuring Kate Winslet, who would now be referred to as a “hot piece of a**” because, according to the HuffPo contributor, is locker talk that Trump would condone.

So, Huffington Post went from calling on the canceling of Thanksgiving for reasons of Trump to reasons of climate control. They clearly have something against this American holiday for one reason or another. They simply want to change the reasoning behind canceling it based on anything that they can find.

No matter what reasoning they use, it’s not going to work on the American people. Americans have spoken, or rather tweeted. They’ll bake their pumpkin pies and hold them delicately on their laps as they drive 100 miles or more to dine with relatives regardless of who they voted for in 2016. Maybe they’ll talk about politics and maybe they won’t. One thing for sure is that there will be meat on the table, probably in the form of a glorious 20-pound turkey that was sourced from at least a state over.

Start working on another reason to cancel Thanksgiving for next year, HuffPo. We’re still planning on cooking a bird.