Democrats Will LOVE THIS! Lindsey Graham Calls for Shutdown of “Hate Sites” as Defined By the LEFT and Calls for New Gun Laws (VIDEO)

This is what the Democrats WANT!

One of the main missions of the far-Left is to push for more gun control legislation. Their goal is to make it tougher for law-abiding citizens to protect their property and loved ones.

In addition to gun control, Graham is also pushing for offensive “hate sites” to be taken OFF the internet, which plays right into the hands of liberals who want conservative websites gone.

For the past few years now, tech giants have been strategically removing conservative content from the internet.

They say it’s to “battle fake news or offensive content” but I think it’s fair to say, conservatives know what’s really going on.

And now, it seems Lindsey Graham is siding with the “LIBTARDS” and is trying to restrict American citizens on their First and Second Amendments all in one video!

Watch it here:

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