It is hard for a real American to come to terms or even imagine how much hatred the Democrats have for President Trump.  All we have on our minds as Conservatives are “Keeping America Great!”  It is all about our country and keeping her thriving.

We are proud to be Americans, but we are not proud of the disrespect Democrats have shown toward our country by not getting anything done and trying to tear down the president with everything he says and does.  Another idiot we can add to the list is former Governor Jerry Brown, who blames President Donald Trump for the wildfires ravaging California.  Really???

This is unbelievable as he actually had the nerve to address President Trump through the San Francisco Chronicle, “California’s burning while the deniers make a joke out of the standards that protect us all.

The blood is on your soul here, and I hope you wake up. Because this is not politics, this is life; this is morality.  This is real.”  Brown claims it is due to the lack of attention to climate change policies.  Does he have little Miss Greta Thornburg at his side pulling his strings saying we are all going to perish?

Conservatives have news for Mr. Brown; climate change is politics.  This is something Democrats have been scaring us with for decades since former Vice President Al Gore came up with his ordeal back in the nineties.

The claims Democrats come up with show how much they hate President Donald Trump when they are stupid enough to go after him for something that no human being on earth has control over.  We cannot control Mother Nature.

There was footage of the actual cause of the wildfires in California.  CBS channel 2 news showed the Santa Anna winds breaking a tree branch off of a tree and flinging it into the powerlines.

The mayor of the city said, “It was started by an act of God.”  And before Mr. Brown can start blaming God also, maybe he should be questioning if perhaps if it is a judgment from God in which His wrath is coming down on California for all the corruption in the state.

Many older people would say what was in the Bible when God destroyed the world in Noah’s day, He made a covenant with the world he would never destroy the world as a whole by flooding again.  Many said it would be by fire the next time.

Though this is just California and not the whole world, many describe the wildfires as though it is a scene from the pits of hell.  One would believe it more to be hell cast upon earth rather than climate change and the dumb theories of Democrats.  It certainly was not Trump who started the fire, and his soul is safe and innocent when it comes to this.

The fires are claiming many homes and businesses.  Almost every year, it seems fires are breaking out in and around California.  Just today, an announcement was made; they are evacuating the Regan Presidential Library because the fire is spreading toward that direction, and it is dangerously close to the building.

CNN posted on Twitter pictures and showed the threat.  The wind is what is fueling the fires in the area.  Embers from one fire land on dry areas and sets off a new set of fires, which make it very difficult to contain.  Firefighters claim it is much easier to control once the winds die down.

Regardless of the causes and hardships of battling the blazes, Democrats will blame President Trump for everything.  The comments under the news articles on different pages have the people standing up for President Trump and putting down the politicians for stopping PG&E from getting the clean up necessary to prevent the fires from starting.

One comment out of the whole bunch stated, “NO moonbeam, it’s on your head! YOU vetoed the bill that was unanimously presented to you back in 2016 that made PG&E and other utilities mandatory to clean up the dead foliage under their power lines, but you denied them that law!

Climate change has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS, IT’S THE DEAD FOLIAGE THAT PROVIDES THE FUEL TO THESE FIRES PERIOD! If I were PG&E, I’d sue you personally for vetoing that bill and hold you PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CAMPFIRE!!!”  The majority of the comments were along this same line and are people from California.