Michelle Obama just proved to the world how racism works both ways.  For well over a century, it was always the African Americans who were calling the shots on the whites being racist and carrying hatred toward them.

Some people are, but not everyone.  The same goes for all races.  Some people look at the color of skin and want nothing to do with that person or their race.  Michelle Obama showed her true colors of racism in her own words at an event called the “Obama Foundation Summit,” which is held in Chicago, Illinois.

Former First Lady let her hatred slip through the cracks for white people, and only the reputable news media outlets reported the truth while the Left-leaning media reported nothing.

What is funny is her words also speak for her husband, who has proven by his actions during his time in office.  Michelle Obama’s hatred goes back in time to her childhood days, and she stated she does not see any progress from whites.

Obama sat down with her brother Craig Robinson and told the Chicago Sun-Times when she was a child, she witnessed what she and her family called “the white flight.”

She said, “We were doing everything we were supposed to do and better,”  She told how when they moved to Chicago’s South Side, “But when we moved in, white families moved out.  I want to remind white folks that y’all were running from us, and you’re still running.”

Once again, we can find the humor in the hypocrisy and hate from these two idiots.  They live in mansions in Kalorama and Martha’s Vineyard, where not one black person resides near them.

Obama obviously did not think before speaking when she spilled her vile of resentment toward whites.  She continued, “I can’t make people not afraid of black people.  I don’t know what’s going on.  I can’t explain what’s happening in your head.”

Jesse Jackson once said, “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps, then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

That statement is coming from another person who along with Al Sharpton and others show their resentment, but feel the same way about their own race.  It is time these people grow up and realize we are all human beings, and not everyone has the same level of hate they do.  They are racist for spreading their division, not whites.  Not every black person is that way either.  There are just a few in the bunch of every race.

She is using the racial card to draw in the black voters to vote Democrat as their strategy.  By doing so, they can keep the black people in poverty and continue this cycle of hate.

Every step of the way, they claim how President Trump is racist.  His record speaks for itself.  There are more black people getting out of those “rat-infested” locations and moving on to something better.

Trump has brought more people out of poverty than any other president and broke a fifty-year record on unemployment rates by producing jobs for all of the American people of all races.

More people have been taken off of food stamps, and the economy is the best it has been in a long time.  But the Obamas do not want to tell the public that because it shows how they played the American people.

The strategies remain the same as the “racist card” is always the first to be played when it comes to Democrats.  They cry, “Republicans are racist,” and “Trump is racist,” but they are the real “racists.”

Their record speaks volumes on how they held poor people in poverty, whether white or black.  The Obama administration has crippled the American economy, and racism was horrible under its administration and hasn’t been that bad since the segregation years before.  President Trump has restored much in this country, but people like the Obamas keep hate and racism alive.