The 1619 Project is an extremely dangerous idea. It will change the way America looks within one generation if it goes viral. This project has been launched by the notorious New York Times to reexamine the concept of slavery in the United States. The New York Times promotes anti-American news and policies. Their goal is to reshape the country into a socialist nation with greed and oppression at its core.

The New York Times has gotten in bed with the socialists of the world. They promote their idiotic policies and agendas. But the New York Times always fails to check its sources which would drastically help their truthfulness. The socialists that are promoting the 1619 Project have gone a step further and enlisted historians to back up their claims. One such person that they contacted was Gordon Wood, who has become an expert on the American Revolution. The goal of the supporters of this dangerous idea is to rewrite the history of the American Revolution and exactly what it was fought for. History tells the world that it was all about slavery, but the socialist movement would say it is more about racism and other social ideas of the time.

The sad part about what the New York Times and their socialist supporters are saying is right in line with the destructive Democratic party. One part of the 1619 Project is to mark slavery as an American agenda. They have moved to call it “Original sin.” As if to spiritualize the seriousness of the dark part of American history. The truth is that slavery has always been a part of every culture around the world. In many areas today, slavery still is a way of life for many people. To mark slavery as strictly as an American sin is lying to people around the world. Slavery is a dark spot in every culture that has ever existed in the world.

The 1619 Project seeks to redefine history and change it to be anti-American. Their goal is to criminalize the founding fathers and the things that they did for the establishment of the nation. Their agenda is to educate the next generation in the United States to believe that socialism is better than democracy. If they can get a young majority to buy into their dangerous beliefs, then they are just one generation to destroying the country.

The 1619 Project has taken parts of history and twisted them into a believable lie. They want people to believe that slavery is a result of capitalism. But one historian noted that slavery has been around long before capitalism and therefore cannot be the result of capitalism. What the socialist wants people to believe is that slavery and capitalism are the same. They want people to wake up and see that capitalism enslaves people and forces them to work for their taskmasters.

The socialist agenda and the New York Times want people to believe that the answer to getting out of the slavery of capitalism is to adopt socialism. Under this system, people are told that they can get things for free and not have to work to support themselves. This is so far from the truth that even dogs will not eat their lies. Socialism shuts down freedoms and enslaves everyone to the ruling powers. People become dependent on the government for their health and welfare. This puts the government in a position of power over the people. If the government does not like a certain person, then all they would have to do is stop providing them with a means to live.

Socialist ideas cloak slavery in their lies until it is too late to change it. People are duped into believing that what socialism has to offer is better than any type of government that is in existence today. However, several countries such as China and Venezuela have proven that socialism destroys. It never builds up. The democracy that has been built in America is the best system of government in the world.