During the 2016 presidential race, one of the most controversial issues as far as campaign tactics was the use of the ‘Lock her up’ being chanted at Trump rallies. For the crowds present at those rallies and the persons responsible, it was a direct response to Hillary Clinton’s handling or mishandling of classified information and the possibility of her going to trial because of it.

However, it was seen a completely degrading and near-criminal in the eyes of those who did not support our current president. They were so outraged at this and the fact that Trump did nothing to quell the chants that they called him a bigot, a sexist, and utterly devoid of morals.

CNBC’s John Harwood even went so far as to say that any “serious Democratic candidate will make a point of shutting down” any reciprocation of the notion and the support of the chant of ‘lock him up.’

After all, it makes them look like a fool and giant hypocrite.

But, apparently, Vermont Senator and 2020 White House hopeful Bernie Sanders didn’t get that message. And neither did his supporting congresswomen, Representative Ilhan Omar from Minnesota.

Either that or he isn’t a serious candidate.

This was proved this weekend at a Sanders rally in Minneapolis on Sunday, where the crowd didn’t hesitate to begin chanting the phrase. And neither Sanders nor Omar did or said anything to stop it.

The chants, according to The Hill, came after Sanders said, “We have a president of the United States who is a pathological liar, who is running the most corrupt administration in history.” Representative Omar had already said that “virtually every word out of his (Trump’s) mouth is an attack on the very values and ideals that make this country a beacon of hope for me and the people around the world.”

The chants and their evident support by Sanders were made even more hypocritical by the fact that Sanders had tweeted that “Trump is a demagogue who wants to divide us with hate. When we stand together, we will defeat him in a landslide.”

And he added to this idea later during his speech by saying, “We are going to do exactly the opposite of what Trump is doing.” He explained this opposite as “He is trying to divide us up. We are going to bring people together…around an agenda that works for all of us, not just the one percent.”

So while he and Omar are attempting or at least putting on a façade that they want peace and togetherness, they aren’t opposed to hateful chants that incite separation and a dominant division.

I don’t know if the hypocrisy could be more evident. Even Twitter noticed and made sure to point it out.

One user posted a video of Sunday’s chanting and added, “‘Lock her up’ chants at Trump rallies were widely condemned in the press. Where are those same critics now?” But they also made sure to point out Omar’s participation.  “I’m not even getting into how deplorable it is that a major presidential candidate has someone with Omar’s record giving a surrogate speech at a rally.”

Another user commented on this, saying, “I’m sure @brianstelter will be all over this once he’s done with his 10-part series on Trump’s Twitter typos, and gets back from vacation.”

Of course, the liberal agenda refuses to see it in the same way. In their eyes, the situations are entirely different. Vox’s Ezra Klein said, “in context, it’s not being normalized. The crowd was confronting Trump *with his own abnormal rhetoric* as an act of protest and humiliation. They’re not trying to lock him up, they’re trying to publicly embarrass him – and correctly so.”

And he continued, “Unlike with the RNC ‘lock her up’ chants, there is neither illiberal intention nor result here. Just the opposite: a powerful political figure, for once, is confronted by public protest he has to see and hear, forcing him to listen to his own rhetoric echoed back.”

But all it takes is one look at the countless attacks on Trump, the allegations stacked against him, and the current impeachment inquiry that they aren’t just saying ‘lock him up’ to be cheeky. They mean it.

Just as Hillary was going to be investigated for something, so is Trump. There is no difference. Well, except for who is saying it. The “rhetoric” said by Trump is wrong, but by Democrats, it’s perfectly acceptable.