Trump Announces Decision on Iran Deal

We have grown to become a nation where the media cast stories of slander, lies, and abuse to fit the Left’s agendas and not cover stories of truth and value.  The media is now ignoring an important story that is happening right now.

The mullahs in Tehran, Iran are not ignoring what is happening, and other news outlets from around the world are not passing up on the story taking place.  United States Media is only focused on the impeachment while America is gearing for a possible devastating blow to Iran.  The U.S. military is deploying weapons that could wipe Iran entirely off the map should Iran decide to attack.

Here is what one of our greatest allies, the Australian media, wrote in their news:

“The United States is quietly building up its forces in striking range of Iran.
B-1B bombers have arrived in the desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with stealth fighters, missile batteries, and specialist troops.

Exactly why they’re there depends on who you listen to. Everything changed when, on September 14, wave after wave of cruise missiles and drones burst among Saudi Arabian oil facilities. Shockwaves rippled around the world.”

The article continued, “According to international intelligence agencies, the brazen strikes came from Iranian soil. But few have openly come out and accused the Government in Tehran of being behind them.

Iran insists it has had nothing to do with raids on oil tankers or the bombing of Saudi Arabia. But claims that Yemeni Houthi rebels were responsible have been dismissed as implausible.

It’s a classic example of modern grey warfare, where even implausible deniability shields rogue nations from international consequences.”

The Australian media concluded with this, “…is Saudi Arabia already applying similar grey tactics in response?

News of explosions tearing through an Iranian oil tanker in the Red Sea earlier this month is just the latest incident in what appears to be a slowly but relentlessly escalating confrontation.”

AF Global Strike posted a news video on Twitter on October 25 in which the post read, “#B1 Lancers, long-range strategic #bomber, take off from Ellsworth as they prepare to fly to PSAB, Saudi Arabia, in @CENTCOM’s AOR.  This showcases the bomber’s ability to fly intercontinental missions & the @usairforce’s dedication supporting allies & deterring adversaries 24/7.”

So there we have it, other news media from around the world giving more news on America than our own sources and media outlets.

B-1B bombers are not considered “grey warfare” but play a role as backups against any retaliation, which is escalating in response to Iran should an attack arise.  The deployment which the U.S.’s mighty military is setting forth is going to be used as a shield that will allow the “grey warfare to be symmetrical.”

Saudi Arabia will also team up with America, and counter-attack should Iran grow a wild hair.  With America pulling out all the stops with its arsenal, they are sending a signal openly to Iran that their doomsday is on the horizon.  The motto of the Strategic Air Command is “Peace through strength.”  This saying has proven to be accurate, and it works in our favor.  The United States Air Force is not making this move a secret, so where is the U.S. media in all of this?

What more fascinating story would readers enjoy than seeing our military in action.  This is not classified.  This is out in the open, and the media is ignoring everything around them just to cover an impeachment.  They instead report lies about President Trump and the Conservatives than to publish something which brings prestige to our great military and our president, who is excellent too!

The death of al Baghdadi was even tainted by the media almost as though they were defending a scumbag because President Trump called him out for the coward he was.  Media outlets were more focused on everything they think is wrong about the president rather than praising a strategic move of our military and a well-played shot called from our Commander in Chief.

With the move against Iran, they are doing it again, only this time, they refuse to report it.  This strategic move happened almost a week ago, and no one in America has heard anything about it.  The enemies know more than the American people do.  But then again, that is the critical factor of Communism, right?  Something in which the media works closely with the socialist Left.