The Democrats hate the president, and they will stop at nothing to try to limit his influence. President Trump has done everything right for the benefit of the country. His critics on the left have done everything to destroy him and remove him from office. The latest attempt by the left to stop President Trump has come at the safety and wellbeing of American lives. Pushy Pelosi is working to keep the president from defending the country against Iran and other terrorists.

The ability of the president to declare war has evolved over the past decades. The Democrats have done so much to limit Congress’s check and balance that they are nearly a lame duck. To fully understand what the president can do it is important to know what is at stake and what he can do.

Iran has been threatening the United States for years and it has finally come to a boiling point. Back in 1973, Congress tried to regain control of the decision to go to war that has since evolved as the Cold War moved along. The Constitution gives Congress the right to declare war, But with American forces still deployed around the world, the president can use the forces at his discretion. To date, no president has consulted Congress when it has come time to send forces into combat.

Most presidents have on occasion spoken with Congress before sending troops into hostile areas. But not all the presidents have followed precedents. The president can deploy troops, but he can only do so for 60 days and Congress does have the right to ask him to terminate such actions. But this issue goes beyond who has the right to wage war. The real issue for the power-hungry Democrats is who is the most powerful. They do not want President Trump to win over Iran because it would hand him the election later this year.

The Iranian government has already declared war on America when they attacked the United States embassy in Iraq. President Trump sent the right response to answer the attack on American people. Soleimani was killed by an airstrike. Iran asked for war and now they have it. The crooked Democrats in Congress are trying to save Iran by blocking the president’s right to protect the country. Right now there are several versions of a War Powers Resolution floating around. The question is which one is going to make its way through the process?

Even if a bill was passed to limit the powers of the president he would just veto it when it made its way up to him to sign. When the time came to override the veto there are not enough votes to do that so the Democrats are running blind once again. The same action was taken against the president in 2018 but Congress failed to override the president’s veto. President Trump has had enough with rogue nations threatening the prosperity of the country. But what he is more concerned with is the lives and safety of American people around the world.

The ability of Congress to limit the war powers of the president is wrapped up in legal language and is highly contested. The battle of power to declare war has been fought by every president since World War II. Robert C. O’Brien who is the national security adviser has stated that before the president ordered the strike that he was “fully authorized” by the same law that allowed the use of force in Iraq 18 years ago.

President Trump is not going to be bullied and threatened when it comes to the safety of Americans around the world. He will attack and destroy those that seek to destroy what America stands for. The very notion that the devious Democrats are claiming that President Trump has committed war crimes is absurd. He attacks the very ones that attacked and killed innocent lives. He has only acted for the benefit and security of the United States. Congress should not be fighting the president, they rather should be helping him defend America.