Everyone knows by now President Trump has a way with words.  Many people love the “cold hard knocks,” while others are snowflakes and cannot take the heat.  Either way, the president speaks his mind and tells it like it is whether those are listening like it or not.  You got to love him!  He is definitely a “one in a million” president.

When he announced the successful U.S. Military mission Sunday morning, Trump lovers chests’ swelled up with pride for America the beautiful!  Those who do not really care for the president were left squirming in their seats.  Some who support him were still squirming but remained faithful while he went into detail on the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

President Trump’s statement on the detailed death of Baghdadi was, “He was found at the dead-end of a tunnel whimpering and crying and screaming before detonating a suicide vest that killed himself and three of his children Saturday.”

Representative Mac Thornberry, a Republican from Texas, and the House Armed Services Committee Chairman stated how he was not at ease with the description of the U.S. military’s raid.  He claimed he “would have worded the announcement differently.”

With the words President Trump used, Thornberry still supported the statement and the president on CNN’s “State of the Union.”  He told CNN, “It probably makes me a little uncomfortable to hear a president talking that way, but, again, Baghdadi was the inspirational leader for an ISIS network across the world from Africa to Southeast Asia.

If you can take a little of the glamour off him, if you can make him less inspirational, then there’s a value to that for all of these folks who are on their computers or in these networks looking to attack.”  In other words, the snowflakes need to get over it.  It was a significant victory for the United States Military, and it showed our mighty power in getting the job done at any and all cost.  Degrading the ISIS leader, showed what kind of coward he was.

Thornberry added a warning to his statement to CNN, which many of us already know.  ISIS will now “seek to do something to show ‘we’re still here, we’re still relevant, so the United States is going to be tested in the days to come.”  Thornberry also stated, “ISIS is still a threat.  We can criticize the president, but the number one thing Congress needs to do is its job.”

The last line of that statement says a mouthful.  “Congress needs to do its job” is one of the golden truths, and its lack of compliance for America is one of the most disgraceful things in our country today.  Congress was silent on the issue of the successful U.S. military mission.

When President Trump does excellent for the country or even in this case, the world, the Democratic Congress does not acknowledge it.  In fact, they stayed on the course of their little impeachment party as they are still trying to find evidence to impeach the president.  The only way we can end this is to vote them out of office.  It is disrespectful to our military, and it is unpatriotic.

Saturday night, Trump tweeted just one statement with no explanation, “Something very big just happened!”  No other words, only that one comment, and it was followed Sunday morning in the press conference confirming the death of Baghdadi.  He praised the operation as it “had been carried out in grand style.”

The president added, “The thug who tried so hard to intimidate others spent his last moments in utter fear, in total panic and dread, terrified of the American forces bearing down on him.  Baghdadi died like a dog and like a coward.”

Many have a difference of opinion on how the president chooses his words.  The outcome is still the same no matter what or how he says it.  Everyone seems to pick and choose what they want to criticize, and we really do have that right living in America.  The problem is, it is always taken for granted every time a Democrat gets their way.

Some people are soft-hearted and cannot handle the cold hard truth of the details.  For those, it is understandable.  People should learn from Representative Mac Thornberry, no matter how harsh President Trump’s words are, Trump is our leader, and we should show him the respect of the position as president and Commander in Chief.