(VIDEO) John McCain’s Wife Attacks Trump’s Policies Saying Late Husband Would Be Today’s Political “Voice of Reason”

There are many mixed views on the Late John McCain and the legacy he left behind.

It’s been over a year now since his death and his wife, Cindy McCain, remains firm on what the late Senator thought of President Trump’s immigration and political policies.

During an interview, she said her late husband would be the “voice of reason” in today’s political climate.

Here’s the video:

Cindy McCain tells @jonkarl that the late Sen. John McCain would be a “voice of reason,” in politics today, “which is what we’re sorely lacking right now…to be able to work across the aisle on these issues. That’s how we worked for so many years.” https://t.co/IFeGJ1Hv4m pic.twitter.com/5X7m824KQX

— ABC News (@ABC) August 22, 2019

Do you agree with Cindy McCain about her late husband’s legacy?

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