Biden, in his mind, is one secret handshake away from getting inducted into the cool club. He tries to throw around the lingo of “dawg,” “man,” and others that make him look like he’s trying way too hard. And he is. As a former Senator and VP, there’s nothing that the 77-year-old can do to look cool.

Unless…he lies about being thrown in cuffs and arrested.

Yup. The Democratic presidential candidate thinks lying about being arrested will make him look cooler. It’s kind of sad and pathetic when you really think about it.

Even if he is suffering from dementia, it doesn’t make up for the lies. Over the past decade, he’s been caught in lies on multiple occasions when it comes to being arrested. Is that what would make him more of a man of the people? Most Americans actually don’t get arrested, so perhaps he’s identifying more with his son, Hunter, than with the average American.

Tucker Carlson on Fox News had a bit of fun roasting Biden based on using some of the clips where Biden was caught in a bald-faced lie.

Biden told one story in 2008 where he recalls a time when two young women approached him. He followed them into their dormitory only to be met by campus police and arrested. Well, that didn’t actually happen. Four years later, when he was questioned about it, he said that he was “almost” arrested.

Well, Joe, that means that you were almost cool. But, since you never actually got the cuffs and felt the cold steel of bars between your hands as you looked out on society, you lost out.

But, wait, Biden wants to be a cool kid. He was arrested again! He recounts when he became a Senator and went onto the Senate Floor. He sat in the presiding officer’s chair. Then he said that a “police officer grabbed me, arrested me, and took me downstairs.” Wow, Joe. You’re such a thug.

Then, Joe goes on to say that they didn’t book him. Instead, they realized that he was a star-struck kid and explained to him that he wasn’t allowed to do what he did.

It really gets the question. Does Joe even know what it means to be arrested? Arrested means that a person is not only apprehended but also taken into custody. That’s when there will be even more questions and possibly even booked.

Biden never goes into too many details. He just likes to throw around the word “arrest” periodically in his storytelling to make it look like he’s not a straight as an arrow politician. He never talks about going down to the police station or even being held overnight. Why? Because those things never happened.

If you were to listen to all of Biden’s stories of being arrested, he’s got quite the colored criminal past. He was even arrested when trying to go see Nelson Mandela. Though, he also used to beat up a black man named “Corn Pop” at the local swimming hole.

It’s no wonder why the Dems don’t want Biden on the debate floor with Trump. Who knows what the former VP will come out with? Considering that people are capable of fast checking faster than Biden can get the entire sentence out of his mouth, he’ll be shown as a bold-faced liar in seconds.

The Dems also don’t want to talk about the lies. Just let the senile old man have his fun in the basement. His lies can’t hurt anyone, right? Well, that’s where they’re wrong. That senile old man lying about being arrested is running for president.

Meanwhile, we can at least watch the video where Tucker Carlson talks about the “James Dean of Wilmington, a little fast, a little dangerous.” Let’s all hope that Trump has gotten his hands on this clip to have some fun during the first debate.