It seems that the LA Teachers Union have forgotten their boundaries. In their hurry to make a list of demands, they failed to see how they cannot possibly get everything they are asking for.

Teachers can ask for a lot. They can ask that classrooms be properly sanitized, that students get temperature checks before entering the school, and even for pay if they have to quarantine after being exposed to the virus.

There’s a big difference between rational and irrational demands.

As is typical with Los Angeles, they forget that they’re not the center of the universe. As they make far-left demands, it’s clear that they’re focused more on politics than educating their students.

The United Teachers Los Angeles union has left a ransom note of sorts asking for Medicare for All, an education bailout similar to the CARES Act, and a fully-funded Title I. But that’s not all. Those are only the demands that they have of the federal government.

They’re asking that the state government impose a wealth tax and a millionaire tax. How teachers think that they can now demand how taxes are imposed is more than a bit troubling.

Then, for the local, they want to see the police defunded, financial handouts given to illegal aliens, and force the LA City Council to require that every business in the city offer 10 additional sick days to all of their employees. Oh, and they want a moratorium on charter schools.

Teachers in LA clearly don’t want to teach. They don’t want to improve the minds of the young. Instead, they want to be as socialist as possible in their demands. Perhaps they would be better served to put all of this energy into state and federal politics.

Choosing to walk away if demands aren’t met isn’t the way to change things on such a major level – particularly with the state and federal demands.

What does defunding the police have to do with teaching? What does giving financial handouts to illegal aliens have to do with getting students a proper education? The teacher’s union has truly overstepped their bounds – and they’re forcing the children to be the ones to suffer for their greed and ignorance.

Here’s the problem. The teachers throughout Los Angeles want more. They have been wanting more for a while – so much so that they went on strike back in 2019. Now, they are trying to get more of what they didn’t get a year ago.

Schools throughout LA will be following the distance learning model for the foreseeable future since teachers cannot seem to get the rest of the government to agree to their demands.

Meanwhile, they also admit that “Years of research shows that online schooling is ineffective.”

The teachers and their union have used a crisis as a way to get more of what they want. However, what they want is not what the rest of the country wants. Their demands, in many aspects, would impact the entire country.

So, why should the demands of one school district dictate what others get? They may want to remember that they teach within a democracy. The people choose. And no one voted the teachers of Los Angeles to be representative of their voices.

What happened to teachers being in education to help kids? What happened to want to be a teacher to ensure that kids get the education and the opportunities that they are due? Nope.

Students are being negatively impacted in so many different ways according to their demands – racism, homelessness, immigration, poverty – and now, the teachers want to add another issue – keeping them out of school.

Perhaps the most terrifying part of all of this is that the ones making the demands are teachers. They’re responsible for teaching the youth of tomorrow.

No wonder why we have so many ignorant socialist wannabes roaming the streets. All they have to do is sit in the classroom long enough to absorb the stupidity.