Who can possibly forget the couple in St. Louis brandishing weapons when BLM protesters illegally trespassed on their property? With violence and destruction raging on every street, avenue, park, and capital building in America, who can blame them? How were they to know the protester’s intent?

Even though the couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, acted fully within their rights, they were chastised and horse-whipped for protecting their lives and property. They were standing their ground. Look it up. It’s legal.

Especially in these horrific times, it’s common practice to slander, bitch, and protest against politicians who have the innate ability to crawl under one’s skin. Every decision or utterance they make sets the streets ablaze. But this is one thing.

It’s quite another when a low-profile non-political suburban couple becomes a target of hate crimes for no other reason than protecting themselves. No one was shot. No one was injured.

Only because the media made major headlines out of the story, BLM, in their sadistic way of thinking, decided it would be cool to soak the episode for all they can get. They refuse to let it die as an uneventful occurrence where no one got hurt.

The McCloskey’s are now the target of intimidation and an unfathomable amount of harassment. They’ve received death threats. They’ve been told to keep a close watch on their dog. They’ve been told their home will go up in flames.

The same mob they previously ran off have shown back up, and this time they brought friends. Lots of friends. And they’re not leaving.

The McCloskey’s once beautiful home now has the appearance of being condemned. Every window in their home has been boarded with plywood. The homes’ outer doors have been reinforced with additional locking mechanisms. They are prisoners. And they did nothing wrong.

Here is where the real underlying story comes into play. While the couple is living in fear with no escape route, where the hell is the police. Where the hell is the National Guard. Where the hell is anyone who is tasked with saving these law-abiding American citizens?

And, why are there no arrests being made? Why are these blood-thirsty sharp-toothed BLM thugs being allowed to do as they please? They are the ones breaking the law. They are the ones holding this poor couple hostage.

Black Lives Matter Marxist Mob continues to harass and torment this St. Louis couple – the McCloskey’s had to board up their home. pic.twitter.com/Od3EFQCfvw

— Amy (@MaybeAmes) July 4, 2020

It’s way past time to call in the troops, but the local cops don’t want to stir things up more than they need to. After all. They might get hurt, and they are much more valuable to society than some unfortunate white couple who got caught in the crosshairs. Sorry ’bout your luck.

But this is just one incident among many taking place from shore to shore in our once beautiful nation. And we the people are tired of it.

Innocent bystanders are being attacked and verbally demonized for nothing more than living their lives in a sack of the wrong colored skin. Many of us witnessed an elderly white woman in her 80’s getting sucker-punched on a sidewalk by a young black passerby.

We saw an elderly man being attacked from behind by three thugs as he was praying. These are daily occurrences. And yet, where is our protection.

To make a bad situation even worse, government officials are caving in to the silly notion of defunding police departments. They idiotically see this as a way of reducing crime.

As we have seen in St. Louis, the police no longer care. Better to sacrifice a few white folks than run the risk of escalating things further. Though we should be calling in the National Guard, whose job it is to protect American citizens on their own soil, using them for their intended purpose has been challenged in court. And the liberals, as is par the course, got their way.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but until those on the right side of the law stand up and say enough is enough, it will continue. We can no longer rely on law enforcement to come to the rescue. If anything is to change, it’s up to America’s victims of lawlessness. Let your stance by shown and heard.

Trump 2020.