The Dems are blinded by their hate for Trump that they’ve stopped listening. Many black and Latino voters are notorious for voting Democrat. However, the Dems in power are so hell-bent on forcing everyone to vote by mail that they are forgetting that many of those black and Latino voters prefer to vote in-person.

If the Dems get their way, they’ll have everyone voting by mail. They figure that will hurt the Trump reelection campaign. Additionally, it gives them the potential to call for unfairness when Trump inevitably wins the election.

Stop and listen. It’s what the Dems are failing to do. Research has already shown that approximately two-thirds of both black and Latino voters prefer to vote in person.

Why? Why not vote by mail? There are a few reasons.

One, there’s something about going down to a polling center and voting that feels uniquely American.

Two, many constituencies simply don’t trust the mail.

As many on social media say, mail $100 cash in an envelope to yourself. If you’re scared to do that, you have a right to feel that way. Mail is ripped open and money is stolen from envelopes regularly. It’s not always the safest way to send anything. So, if people are scared to send cash in the mail, why should they feel confident about sending in a ballot that determines the presidency?

As focus groups conducted by iVote identified, voting in person “has been ingrained and they feel secure their vote will be counted.”

That’s what it really comes down to. People want to know that their vote has been counted. When they get to feed their ballot through the machine at a polling center, they walk away with the satisfaction that their vote has been cast. However, placing it in a mailbox, either at the end of a driveway or at the post office leaves hesitation. What if it gets lost in the mail? What if someone interferes with it?

There’s a push from both Republicans and Democrats: vote early. Early voting can make it easier for people to vote in a way that works for them, whether it’s in person or by mail.

But, the Dems also don’t want to play fair. And they’re panicked that (gasp) people may actually vote for Donald Trump. So, they’re yelling at Trump regarding the Post Office, creating an impossible conspiracy theory about how he’s trying to stop people from voting by mail. Meanwhile, if they would just listen to the voters within their party, they’d realize that most people don’t even want to use the vote-by-mail feature.

As one black woman from Philadelphia who participated in a focus group said, “It’s about getting up and being present. That wasn’t always something that was afforded to us.”

There you have it. The Dems want to vote in person. Or, at least a large percentage of them do. There will always be the by mail voters. However, the Dems assume that most people will want to vote by mail because of the pandemic – and it’s simply not the case.

If the Dems want to see the voting go in their favor, they have to listen. They’re not good at that, though. They’ve made it their entire MO throughout 2020 to completely ignore the masses. They’re only listening to a select few, and the select few are the loudest and the most progressive. They’re missing what the average American wants.

In November, when people make it out to the polls, the opinions will be cast. Either Biden or Trump will get the majority of the votes. And the Dems are figuring out everything they can do to tilt the tables in their favor. If Trump wins, it will be what the people want. Since they don’t listen, though, it will be because they forced a mail-in ballot when people really wanted to vote in person. Or because of the make-believe mail conspiracy. Or because of some other lame-brained idea they come up with. They can’t face the facts: Biden is not the candidate that America wants.