If you want to become the president, you debate with the current president. It’s a live event where everyone can hear what’s going on between the two parties. Speak up for what you believe. Make Americans believe that what you promise will actually come true.

Biden has been hiding in his basement for months. When he does come out, he yammers on about something, leaving people even more confused than before.

The Dems should be scared about what will happen during the debates with Trump. The Dems should be concerned about what people will think about Biden’s mental health.

However, a debate is a critical component to electing a president. We need to hear what Biden and Trump have to say to each other.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, however, suggests that the former VP cancel all three of the debates that are on the schedule. She feels that trump is going to “belittle” the forum and engage in “skullduggery.”

Regarding the debate with Trump, Pelosi says, “I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation nor a debate in terms of the presidency of the United States.” This is part of the problem happening in Capitol Hill right now. The Speaker of the House won’t even engage in conversations with the president.

Meanwhile, the debate is part of the democracy that we depend on to know who the better candidate is. Pelosi’s comments are caught on camera where she says not to tell anyone she said that and to certainly not tell Joe Biden. Was she not aware that the cameras were on? Did she not think that her comments would be heard around the country?

Luckily, Biden is still planning to show up to the debates. His entire campaign is well aware of how important it is to show up. Canceling would be to give in to what the Republicans have been saying all along – that Biden isn’t confident on his platform and that his mental fitness isn’t capable of withstanding the presidency.

Biden has said, “”As long as the [debate] commission continues down the straight and narrow as they have, I’m going to debate him.” He also plans to be a “fact-checker on the floor” as he’s debating Trump. That should, indeed, be exciting considering that Biden can rarely even say all that he means to say let alone fact check.

Biden has gained a reputation for getting dates, locations, and even events wrong. Yet, he’s going to be the fact-checker on a debate with Trump?

This is the real reason why Pelosi doesn’t want Biden to participate in the debates. She can use as many excuses as she wants, insult the president as often as she wants, but the truth is that she knows how Biden is going to act. She’s going to watch the Dems’ chances of getting control of the presidency walk right off the stage.

And who is Nancy Pelosi to call the shots on what Biden will and will not do? This is the same woman who constantly calls the president names. She claims that Trump is being childish, but what does she think that she is doing?

She has been responsible for tearing the country apart because of her childishness. She wouldn’t debate Trump, fine. We can all count our blessings that she’s not running for president.

The United States has a long history of at least three debates happening between the two candidates. Trump is ready. He’s been ready. He’s even suggested having more than three debates. The Biden campaign has agreed to three – no more, no less.

If they were to cancel the debates now, it would send red flags up around the country. It would mean that Biden truly isn’t fit for the presidency. And they better not even think about sending Kamala Harris in his place.

Biden may not be up for the debates, but if he backs out of them, he might as well back out of the presidency, too.