Over 200 Dems Side with GOP Against Biden’s Crackdown on Hunting and Archery

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Carlos Caetano / shutterstock.comIf you haven’t figured it out yet, the political left, and more specifically, the Biden administration, wants complete control over your lives. Thankfully, one of their recent attempts failed miserably, even with Democrats siding against them. It came on Tuesday, when the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to approve a bill that overturns Biden’s wishes […]

Dementia Not a Risk to National Security According to Leftist

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YASAMIN JAFARI TEHRANI / shutterstock.comMuch to the dismay of viewers, the September 25th edition of MSNBC’s Deadline focused on contributor Claire McCaskill. Her disgusting views while talking with Anchor Nicolle Wallace about fitness for the Presidential office in 2024 left good Americans blown away. How can someone rise to such a level where her voice is heard and simply […]

Dem Donors Actually Rolled Their Eyes at Biden Officials Recently

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Dedraw Studio / shutterstock.comWe all know Democrats are, by and large, delusional – they’d have to be to think more government control is better. But it would seem that not even Democrats can help rolling their eyes at the Biden administration anymore. It happened last week in Chicago during an exclusive campaign event for more than 100 Democratic […]

Ukrainian Officials Toast Nazis in Canada

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Maxim Studio / shutterstock.comAs reported by Canadian Conservative media darlings, Rebel News, Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) immediately and rightfully condemned the Canadian parliament for a standing ovation over a Ukrainian Nazi. Speaker Anthony Rota of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party stood before parliament and almost proudly introduced the 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka. Proclaiming, “Ukrainian-Canadian war veteran […]

Horrified Family Listens as Euthanized Woman Screams During Her Last Moments

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africa_pink / shutterstock.comEuthanasia is always billed as a humane and compassionate way for terminally ill people to end their lives with dignity. It spares them unbearable pain, the doctor-assisted suicide advocates tell us. How come it never works out that way, though? A Belgian family just suffered through a nightmare as a cancer-stricken woman opted for that […]

Liberal Media Deliberately Hides Dems Push for “Late Term Abortions” Up To and Including After Birth 

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Look At You Photography / shutterstock.comNBC’s Meet the Press host, Kristen Welker, had several reasons to regret her interview with former President and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Her decision to sit down with Trump, while brave, ultimately proved ill-conceived, leading to widespread criticism from her peers and a challenging exchange where the President had the upper hand.  During a recent […]

As Biden Keeps Paying Off Ukraine, They Are Now Jailing Our Press

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Akhenaton Images / shutterstock.comWith $113 billion already being given to the people of Ukraine in their fight against the Russians, the Biden administration is again asking Congress for more. This time he wants to hand over $24 billion in a single measure. With the push being against an attempted oppressive Russian occupation, under the guise of harboring Nazis, […]

OPED: Democrat Dream of Illegals Being Employed in the US Only Works if They Bring Back 1990’s Capitalism

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Pictrider / shutterstock.comBack on August 24th, Governor of New York Kathy Hochul and her office issued a press release where she laid out her plans for the illegal immigrants being sent to NY from border states. She leaned on President Biden to make changes and outlined specifics. As the release said, “In a formal request sent to […]

Texas AG Declares War

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chrisdorney / shutterstock.comIf you’re not from Texas, you might not know that an impeachment trial was recently put forward against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. You would likely then also not know that it miserably failed. And now, Paxton is pretty much declaring war. The impeachment process against the heavy-hitting man began earlier this year, resulting in […]

MAGA Senator Holds Up 300 Biden Military Promotions & Won’t Budge

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PeopleImages.com - Yuri A / shutterstock.comJoe Biden and his Defense Secretary Lloyd “Raytheon Flack” Austin have been in blatant violation of federal law ever since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade. They’ve been spending your tax dollars to pay for the abortions of women in the military. Since Congress refuses to impeach Joe Biden for breaking the law, […]