Are We on Target for Another Dot-Com Bubble Burst?

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klublu / shutterstock.comWith the NASDAQ 100 jumping 3 percent to an all-time high since March 2000, many worry that this is the start of the new dot-com bubble bursting. Not coming in the form of websites, but rather in artificial intelligence, tech has been making extraordinary strides, and companies have been following right along. Analysts with Bespoke […]

Do You Think World War III is Right Around the Corner?
shutterstock.comThere are a lot of things happening around the globe. Just look at Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Iran, North Korea, and the list goes on. Do you think WWIII is going to happen soon? Take this poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Nikki Haley Gets Spanked by Trump in Her Home State

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Gary Varvel / creators.comFebruary 24th’s South Carolina primary was supposed to be the coming out party for Nikki Haley. While the former governor of South Carolina was already well known to voters, her numbers in the poll just haven’t been high enough to make her a viable option as President. A message she hoped to change with her […]

San Fran Takes More Crime-Fighting Tools Away From Officers

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meunierd / shutterstock.comThe Police Commission of San Francisco loves making it harder than ever for their officers to do their jobs in a city plagued by crime, violence, drugs, and homelessness. Last week, the commission returned a 4-3 vote to prohibit police from pulling over vehicles for certain violations. Specifically, things like a broken tail light or […]

Biden’s California Visit Fuels Speculation: Is He Passing the Torch to Gavin Newsom?

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Ringo Chiu / shutterstock.comPresident Joe Biden’s recent visit to California stirred a wave of speculation among reporters and political pundits alike as rumors swirled regarding his future in the 2024 race and the potential ascension of Governor Gavin Newsom to the national stage. During a press huddle, some brave soul dared to ask if Biden’s West Coast adventure […]

Unexpected Consequences For New York After Verdict in Trump’s Fraud Trial 

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dibrova / shutterstock.comInvestors have taken notice while Letitia James is doing a victory lap around the courthouse to celebrate her “victory” in former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud case, and their attention to the case’s outcome spells financial disaster for the already struggling Big Apple.  On Monday, FOX Business host Charles Payne said investors who will now […]

Dem States and Cities Diverted Millions in COVID Funds to Illegals 

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NAR studio / shutterstock.comIn a shocking new twist on Democrats’ America Last agenda, it was recently revealed that funds meant for Americans suffering financial ruin during the pandemic were taken by local and state governments and handed over to illegal immigrants. Democratic governors and mayors allocated a minimum of $517 million for programs to support undocumented immigrants. The […]

Arrests Made in Chilling Case of Girl’s Body Encased in Concrete and More

FOTOKITA / shutterstock.comThe City of Pueblo Police Department has reported the arrest of Corena Rose Minjarez, 36, and Jesus Dominguez, 35, on charges of murder and abuse of a corpse in connection with the discovery of a gruesome crime. The arrests come after the shocking find of a girl’s body encased in concrete and a boy’s remains […]

The First Argument for AI Chatbots Being Its Own Entity Fails

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sdecoret / shutterstock.comAir Canada has now made history as the first company to try and have their artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots recognized as its own thing during a lawsuit. As first reported by the Canadian Broadcasting Channel, the airline was sued by Jake Moffatt following his attempt to receive a bereavement airfare rate. Going through their AI […]

Town Makes Lavish Purchases After Being Found $7 Million in Debt

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SevenMaps / shutterstock.comWhen you are in debt up to your eyeballs, the first order of business is to scrimp and save, right? Well, one Chicago suburb, or at least its mayor, must have missed that in economy class. According to Chicago’s WMAQ-TV, the Village of Dolton, and more precisely, Mayor Tiffany Henyard, has come under scrutiny of […]

Biden Throws a Fit Over Mayorkas Impeachment

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Perry McLeod / shutterstock.comIf you haven’t heard, the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, was impeached by the House of Representatives on Tuesday. And Biden and his fellow Democrats are none too happy about it. In fact, Biden has thrown a bit of a fit about the whole thing. In statements made shortly after the impeachment was made […]

Former Biden Business Partner Opens Hearing with Claim Joe’s Been Compromised by China

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crystal51 / shutterstock.comIf you didn’t already know, Joe Biden has had a rather rough couple of weeks. Sure, he won’t be charged with classified document handling, but only because he’s been proven mentally unfit for such. And now, a former business partner just accused him and his family of being compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. The […]

5 of the Most Conservative Cities in the US
[email protected]Thinking of moving? We have the conservative cities that can provide you with the values of old. 1. Pepper Pike, Ohio Located on the shores of Lake Erie and situated within historic Geauga County, Pepper Pike is a small affluent suburb near Cleveland. Though primarily known as a desirable residential area, this highly conservative city […]

Addressing Concerns Surrounding President Joe Biden’s Health: A Comprehensive Look

Andrew Cline
Andrew Cline @Shutterstock.comHealth and age-related concerns have long trailed any talk of Presidents Biden, given that he was inaugurated in January 2021 at the age of 78. These issues stem from a society with increasing demands on politicians to embody robustness and well-being commensurate with demanding roles they inherit—in short, modern-day politics is not without skepticism towards […]