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Pence Emphatically Tells ‘Silent Majority’ to ‘Let Your Voice Be Heard’

The silent majority. This is the majority that isn’t being heard on the polls. This is the majority that the Dems pretend not to...

Ted Cruz’s Mic Drop Moment: Makes Media-Buried Point on Black Lives Matter

Too many Americans want to fight over the whole idea that black lives matter. Of course, they do. What kind of monster would say...

Tucker Carlson: What the Dems Don’t Want You to See at the Convention

For many years people have long speculated what the problems with the Democratic Party are. They try and coverup their problems by shifting focus...

BLM Agenda: Liberal Universities Forcing Students to Sign Pledge or Else

No one likes being forced to do anything that violates their convictions or things they...No one likes being forced to do anything that violates...

Truck Company Says Cities Who Defund Police Are in for Big Surprise

As I am sure you have heard, liberals everywhere are crying out for us to defund the police, if not disband them completely. Now,...

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