Wisconsin School District Forces LGTBQ Lifestyles on All Children

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BearFotos / shutterstock.com

Walking the hallway of any school and you’re likely to see a few things. Bulletin boards showcasing the kid’s work in elementary, announcements for the spring formal in the junior high school, and spring break gym schedules in the high school. In Sheboygan South High School, the décor takes a different turn.

Inside their library the “gender fluid flag,” “lesbian pride flag,” “pride flag,” “bisexual flag,” “queer people of color flag,” “refugee nation flag,” “transgender flag” and “asexual flag,” are all on full display. What makes this so different is that each flag is signed by students and teachers within the district. These flags are hung in what the school is calling their annual “Day of Silence Activity,” and are held in an effort to “honor and bring awareness to the issues individuals in the LGBTQ community face.”

Scarlett Johnson, head of Ozaukee, Wisconsin’s Moms For Liberty chapter spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) about the school’s activities. “Moms for Liberty Wisconsin is getting tips on a regular basis, this is happening everywhere and must be challenged. School Librarians, and the administrators who defend them, cannot be allowed to view themselves as a subversive force in a school. Their goal should not be to ‘disrupt institutions and systems’ and work to instill their values to the detriment of parental values. Wisconsin State Statute is clear when it comes to controversial topics, parents are in the driver’s seat.”

This “Day of Silence” is put on by GLSEN (an acronym they never explain), a group that wants to make “affirming” environments for LGBTQ students according to their website. In their vision, the American people would get behind every LGTBQ movement and sub-movement that these students discover. By getting students and faculty to register for events with activities and lessons, they serve to “educate” the school.

However, this isn’t something new though, Sheboygan has been doing this for 10 years according to emails DCNF was able to obtain.

Just back in January Sheboygan and their library also made the news for three of their LGBTQ-targeted books that many consider “disturbing” and “pornographic” per the Sheboygan Free Press.

The book “Gender Queer” is a memoir of someone who chose one of the 457 other sets of “pronouns” for herself. The book features a girl playing with herself as well as giving head to another girl.

Next up was “Fun Home” another comic about a girl who figures out she is a lesbian while she is in college, and then how her dad’s sudden death, and learning he was gay. It has some depraved ideas about college and how the writer connected it with becoming lesbian and her daddy issues that are obviously very deeply rooted for the author. The comics are notably poorly drawn, akin to the old Dr. Katz show on Comedy Central.

Finally, “Are You My Mother?” is yet another graphic novel that focuses on the writer’s father also being a closeted homosexual. It then morphs her mother’s feelings about that into how she raised her illustrating daughter, and how that relationship formed her.

These comic books aren’t what kids need to be reading in high school. It’s repulsive to think that they are considering this educational or a good idea. It only serves to poison these young and impressionable minds. Yet the librarian Mariya Grabow has been defending them at every turn, telling the school’s heads that she would not become engaged with parents or community members unless they filed a formal request.

The email also said “Thank you all for supporting our libraries and, especially, our students who are struggling with gender identity. I wish I had read Gender Queer when it was first published in 2019 (I just purchased it summer of ’22); it could have helped several students who were struggling and had no one to talk to.” Yet this is what parents and priests are for. They are there to be talked to. Not to turn to some poisoned public school official and her sense of right through pornographic comics.

As Helen Lovejoy said countless times “Oh, won’t somebody please think of the children??”

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