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SCOTUS Hears Significant Case on Gun Rights

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    Wednesday was an important day for America and an intense day for the Supreme Court. The High Court heard arguments focused on a New York gun law that could possibly pave the way for a decision in favor of Second Amendment rights.

    The Wall Street Journal reported, “During two hours of oral arguments, the court was receptive to claims from gun owners that New York abrogated the Second Amendment with its 1911 law conditioning concealed-weapons licenses on ‘good moral character’ and ‘proper cause.’”

    The Wall Street Journal also noted that it was not quite clear exactly what limits on weapons access the court would allow lawmakers to impose. There is a precedent from the Supreme Court that would allow reasonable regulation of gun rights. But up until now, the court has not provided much clarity beyond affirming restrictions on sensitive locations like schools and courthouses.

    Those who support gun rights believe that their Second Amendment rights are made weaker by the process in the state of New York for giving out concealed-weapons licenses.

    Paul Clement, who is the representative for petitioners Robert Nash, Brandon Koch, and the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, said, “In a country with the Second Amendment as a fundamental right, simply having more firearms cannot be a problem.”

    Clement also noted that the founders of our country imagined a place where it is individuals who get to make their own decisions about carrying a firearm outside of their home for self-defense.

    Barbara Underwood, New York’s lawyer and state Solicitor said, “The problem with [permissive concealed-weapons laws] is that they multiply the number of firearms that are being carried in very densely populated places.”

    She also said that without assuming real ill intent on the part of those who carry weapons, these laws could increase the “likelihood that mistakes” will happen, or fights will break out and guns could be used.

    Clement made a strong case for a comparison of his client’s request for a concealed carry permit to the way people might get a license to hunt.

    According to the report from CNN, Clement maintained that one way to think about this case was that they were asking the court to work in the same way for self-defense as it worked for hunting.

    “When my clients go in and ask for a licensed concealed carry for hunting purposes, what they have to tell the state is they have an intent to go hunting. They don’t have to say: ‘I have a really good reason to go hunting.’ I don’t have to say: ‘I have a better reason to go hunting than anybody else in my general community,’” Clement said.

    Justice Stephen Breyer noted that the New York law requires applicants to have good moral character, but that societal circumstances could change around them.

    He created the scenario that someone could have good moral character, but start drinking a lot, they could be at a football game or something similar and people could get angry with one another. He said that if they had a concealed weapon, who knows what could happen.

    Some other justices focused on the difference in location when it comes to this issue. Justice Clarence Thomas said that it was one thing to talk about Manhattan or NYU’s campus. But it was another to talk about rural upstate New York.

    Justice Elana Kagan made the case that it seems “completely intuitive” that there could be different gun regimes in New York than in Wyoming, or regimes in New York City than in rural counties upstate.

    Chief Justice John Roberts chimed in saying, “The idea that you need a license to exercise the right, I think is unusual in the context of the Bill of Rights.”

    And Justice Brett Kavanaugh echoed, “Why isn’t it good enough to say I live in a violent area, and I want to be able to defend myself?”

    Democratic Super PAC Tells the Party To Shape Up or Get Ready


      danielo / Shutterstock.comPriorities USA is one of the leading Democratic Super PACs, and they have issued a…

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      Priorities USA is one of the leading Democratic Super PACs, and they have issued a grave warning to the party about their behavior and results as of late. In a recently leaked memo in response to the massive Republican turnout in Virginia and other states Tuesday, they cut through the rhetoric and spoke straight from the heart.

      “Voters are frustrated, skeptical, and tired — of covid, of economic hardship, of school closings, of higher prices and stagnant wages, of unaffordable prescription drugs and health care, and more. Without results (and effectively communicating those results), voters will punish the party in power.”

      This is a clear message that they realize how badly the Democrats have broken the party and pushed away a large chunk of their voters.

      This division is largely due to the number of swing votes they took in the last election cycle. These people are not party loyalists, they instead look at the individual representing them, and not the party lines.

      Now unless you are one of the very few who agrees with every viewpoint your party holds, this makes you a very valuable and important vote. They know what every swing vote they can keep is not only one they ‘took away’ from Republicans, but also cancels out a hardline Republican vote.

      Mind you, this is a poor strategy for the long term. This just ensures they get just enough to get the job done while gaining no real traction in the long term. While a worrisome prediction for Republicans to a point, it gives great hope that this can be repeated again and again.

      Further to illustrate this point the memo reads “After being exposed to a wide variety of pro-Democratic and anti-Republican messaging, those thinking it would be good if Republicans controlled Congress dropped by a third. That’s why it is vital that our messaging includes a heavy emphasis on the contrast between Democratic priorities and Republican extremism.”

      Notice that ending: ‘Republican extremism’. This means Republicans who vote based on what they see is the best option. Yet they consider their same people to have ‘priorities’. This is unabashed hate for the American people who like to think for themselves, have differing opinions, and in turn vote for the best. To them, Republicans don’t have ‘priorities’ but are just ‘extremists’.

      To classify those who don’t vote by party lines this way is the opposite of progressive; it’s just hatred. Plain and simple.

      This Super PAC’s desire to unite the Democrats under the ‘Build Back Better’ plan has been failing to garner support. The American people don’t want this plan, and yet at every turn, they keep finding ways to try and force it down voter’s throats.

      While the idea of them dropping it and moving on sounds great, it won’t happen and conservatives can remain happy with that fact. The more they push these ideas the more swing voters go the Republican way, and the more previously hard-line Democrats open their eyes to voting without consideration to party lines.

      Making the change from being hard line to open-minded is not easy for any voter – especially for Democrats, as they have historically been comprised of minority voters. Their ability to connect with minorities has made them a favorite for years in many districts. However, with their recent push for more progressive politics, they have alienated that same voter base.

      These people are not going to swing over ‘to the dark side’ easily, so Republicans will need to be supportive and help them see what voting for Republicans can do for them. Given the massive historic pushes against the legalization of marijuana and for further incarceration sentencing, perhaps a Republican swap there is on the horizon to get more of the now ‘on the fence’ Democrats?

      DeSantis Creates New Police Unit to Pursue Election Crime

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        Everyone knows that election integrity has been a major concern over the last year, and for good reason. States like Georgia and Texas have passed laws to ensure that future elections will be more secure and fraud harder to achieve.

        But Florida, with their conservative and hard-hitter of a governor, Ron DeSantis, is about to take things to a whole new level. Not only are passing laws to protect voter integrity and security. But now, they are going to try to create an entirely new crime division or unit whose sole purpose is to investigate and solve cases of voter fraud.

        On Wednesday, DeSantis announced that beginning in January, with the beginning of the state’s upcoming legislative session, his office will be introducing the creation of the Office of Election Crimes and Security.

        And should the bill be passed and the office instated, a specialized law enforcement unit will be assigned to it to handle any supposed crimes as soon as they occur.

        DeSantis said, “I am excited that with this legislation, our state will be able to enforce election violations, combat voter fraud and make sure violators are held accountable.” And he believes the mere existence of the new office will strongly help to deter those even thinking about committing such crimes.

        “If potential violators know they will be held accountable, they will be much less likely to engage in improper conduct in the first place.”

        Election integrity is a top priority in Florida, which is why I am calling on the Florida Legislature to take additional steps to safeguard our elections. pic.twitter.com/jCd3ECPYFb

        — Ron DeSantis (@GovRonDeSantis) November 3, 2021

        But just in case some foolhardy soul decided to break the election laws in the state, DeSantis vows that they will be ready to make them pay. And according to him, it won’t just be a slap on the wrist. Instead, it sounds as though he plans to make an example of them.

        He told the press that the “first person that gets caught, no one is going to want to do it again after that.”

        Now, to be clear, Florida doesn’t usually have a lot of problems with voter fraud or election-related crimes.

        As the state’s Secretary of State Laurel Lee says, that’s in part due to DeSantis’ “strong leadership” and willingness to encourage election security.

        However, with the introduction of the new anti-crime elections office, she knows elections in the Sunshine State will be made even better and crime less possible or likely.

        In the meantime, Lee says the state will soon be launching an Elections Integrity website, designed to not only make the public aware of current and proposed voting laws and processes but give them a place to voice their concerns.

        Should a voter find something fishy or questionable at the polls, on a ballot, or just notice some behavior from other voters that may be a sign of election fraud, they can report those instances on the site as well. Law enforcement and election officials will then be able to check the site regularly for any new concerns or fraud claims and see to them as the law allows.

        Among other things, DeSantis says he’d like to see all ballot drop boxes nixed, as well as the sketchy practice of ballot harvesting, which is common in more liberal states such as California. When talking about the proposed legislation, he encouraged voters to report every instance of ballot harvesting they see or suspect is going on.

        He added that with this special office and law enforcement unit in place, election crimes in the state would be handled in a much timelier manner. Currently, local police must add those crimes to their already long lists of crimes committed. And in far too many cases, if not most of them, they aren’t solved until long after the election is over.

        But with an office and officers whose sole purpose is to handle these matters as they happen, perhaps voter confidence and trust can finally be restored, at least in the state of Florida. There will be no wondering if their votes weren’t counted, double-counted, or altered in favor of another candidate than the one they intended.

        Now, if only every other state would put forward and pass something like this.

        McCarthy Fires Warning Shot To Democrats

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          Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the House Minority Leader, gave a dire warning to House Democrats on Wednesday. This came after Republicans scored a huge victory in Virginia. He said that they could lose a massive amount of seats in the coming 2022 mid-term elections.

          It was reported in The Washington Post that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy predicted on Wednesday that Democrats may lose as many seats in the mid-term elections next year as they did the last time that Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) lost her speakership.

          It was in the 2010 elections that House Democrats lost a total of 63 seats. And McCarthy said at a press conference on Capitol Hill that it could be more competitive this time around.

          The Washington Post noted that Biden won New Jersey by over 16 points last year. But as the vote counts were taken on Tuesday, the Republican challenger and the Democratic incumbent governor were separated by a razor-thin margin. And as it turned out, the Democrats only won with a very narrow lead.

          “If you’re a Democrat and President Biden won your seat by 16 points, you’re in a competitive race next year,” McCarthy told reporters. “You are no longer safe.”

          He also told reporters that more than 70 seats will be competitive and many are going to lose in their races because they will walk off a cliff as Nancy Pelosi pushes them.

          “She may not care if she loses. She lost 63 the last time she was Speaker moving policy that the country didn’t care for. Many believe she won’t stay around” in Congress, McCarthy said. He also told Democrats that Pelosi was not going to be there to defend them.

          McCarthy had even more to say to his colleagues. He talked about President Biden’s social agenda stating that the defeat of Democrats on this election night should be a “wake-up call” for Capitol Hill to abandon the partisanship and the extremist agenda of a Washington-based program that costs trillions of dollars.

          “Are you going to bring President Biden with his policies into your district to defend you? Are you going to bring the vice president? Terry McAuliffe did, and look what happened to him,” McCarthy warned.

          He questioned that if they continued to push these policies it could be one of the biggest election losses for Democrats. The GOP win in Virginia and the neck and neck race in New Jersey have set up the framework for Republicans as they move toward the midterm elections next year.

          Glenn Youngkin beating incumbent Governor Terry McAuliffe is a huge upset, and Youngkin’s victory was joined by Republican Winsome Sears, who defeated Democrat Hala Ayala for lieutenant governor, and Republican Jason Miyares, who upset incumbent Democrat Mark Herring for attorney general.

          Jack Ciattarelli almost knocked out Democratic Governor Phil Murphy in New Jersey.

          Dave Wasserman, the Cook Political Report’s House editor, tweeted this message, “Needless to say, tonight’s results are consistent w/ a political environment in which Republicans would comfortably take back both the House and Senate in 2022.”

          Needless to say, tonight’s results are consistent w/ a political environment in which Republicans would comfortably take back both the House and Senate in 2022.

          — Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) November 3, 2021

          McCarthy and his GOP conference will be focusing on replicating the Youngkin victory in congressional races across the country next year. They will return to issues such as mask mandates and public school curriculum to try to enliven the base and bring GOP turnout.

          Elise Stefanik, the House Republican Conference Chairwoman, said that they learned that parents should be empowered to make decisions about their children’s education, not the federal government.

          They learned that people in America want jobs, not more government welfare and spending that creates inflation. And Americans want to fund their police, not defund them. She said that “Americans want freedom, not far-left socialism.”

          Biden Torpedoes US Labor Production to Its Lowest in 40 Years


            lev radin / Shutterstock.com We all know President Biden is as useless as tits on a bull. Now he…

            lev radin / Shutterstock.com

            We all know President Biden is as useless as tits on a bull. Now he can’t even get people to work thanks to his lovely plans for free money to keep people out of work, and his inability to get large-scale employers to pay real wages for their employee’s hard work.

            Additionally, the smaller mom-and-pop businesses have found themselves being pushed out of the economy through mandates and forced closings. Their leases and taxes didn’t stop when the pandemic forced them to close, and now many are out of business. As all this occurs, inflation is skyrocketing, and people everywhere are finding themselves consistently doing more with less.

            Given how quickly inflation can rise and how slowly it lowers, we are finding ourselves in very perilous territory, and Biden is the cornerstone for all these problems.

            As the U.S. Labor Department outlined on Thursday “Nonfarm business sector labor productivity decreased 5.0 percent in the third quarter of 2021, as output increased 1.7 percent and hours worked increased 7.0 percent. This is the lowest rate of quarterly productivity growth since the second quarter of 1981, when the measure decreased 5.1 percent.”

            Let’s break this down a bit.

            As defined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics “Labor productivity is defined as real output per labor hour, and growth in labor productivity is measured as the change in this ratio over time. Labor productivity growth is what enables workers to produce more goods and services than they otherwise could for a given number of work hours.” In other words, people are doing less with the time they are working.

            Many could simply blame this on a lack of automation, or people not wanting to work at full speed. The fact of the matter is this is a result of Biden’s COVID restrictions on people working via vaccine mandates, a time of ongoing hyperinflation, and businesses making do with less incoming supplies. All of this comes back to Biden and his actions (or lack thereof).


            U.S. Labor Productivity Crashes 5%, Worst Decline in 40 Years #LetsGoBrandon #BrandonAdministration #FJB https://t.co/VoP3Xw3dE1 via @BreitbartNews

            — Arizona Woman (@ArizonaWoman2) November 4, 2021

            Let’s face reality here people. Biden doesn’t know what’s best for the country. He doesn’t know what’s best for our infrastructure. He doesn’t even seem to know his own name half the time.

            What he does know is how to disrespect fallen servicemembers and their families. He knows how to turn a state back to the Republican side. He knows what policy ideas the left will love. Unfortunately for him what he knows is proving costly for his party as well as the American people.

            As we now get ready for the 2022 midterm elections, the hope for more change is on the horizon. Biden and his cronies already flipped Virginia, New Jersey, and got a mayor in Buffalo to retain his position as mayor via write-in votes after an AOC endorsement, and many other untold local fips. This man’s actions are equally as supportive of the Republican party’s election hopes as he is an anchor through the deck for the Democrats.

            Biden says Americans are “confused” after brutal election losses for Democrats pic.twitter.com/FeyevPJzDw

            — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) November 3, 2021

            He’s torpedoed the labor rate, made the U.S. look like fools on a global stage, and has Australian media even doubting his mental capacity. This is not a good look for America right now, and as our businesses continue to fail he just keeps plugging along making mistakes. As funny as the blunders may be to snicker at, this is no laughing matter. It makes us look weak, and it calls into question the legitimacy of the U.S as a global superpower.

            As well all remember from the playground days it is the dumbest, weakest, and most irresponsible that get the bullies’ attention the best. Right now Biden is looking like a big target.

            House Republicans Declare BBB Deal ‘Dead’

              Nick_Raille_07 / Shutterstock.com

              Every time someone discusses the Build Back Better plan, it dies just a little more. Well in an interview with Breitbart several House Republicans have declared the BBB as dead.

              Reps. Drew Ferguson (R-GA); the House Republican Chief Deputy Whip, Kat Cammack (R-FL); and Warren Davidson (R-OH) spoke following the recent path of victory for Republicans in Virginia, New Jersey, and other states. The BBB was a big topic of discussion too.

              These victories signaled a big change in the politics of America.

              As Rep. Cammack said “I believe that it will begin to eat away at their chances of passing the Build Back Better Act… You’re going to see so many Democrats retire; you’re going to see a huge shift in the Democratic caucus.”

              This abandonment by the Democrats is music to the American people’s ears.

              Despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (and other Democrats’) thoughts that this bill could be as historic as President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Great Society programs, this program is dripping with Bernie Sanders influence, and they have been scaling it down at every turn. From $3.5 trillion down to $1.75 trillion, the Republicans aren’t buying in, neither are Sen. Manchin (D-WV) and Sinema (D-AZ).

              The Democratic party is losing footing at every step of the way, and for good reason. People don’t want progressive politics. They don’t want a bill passed that focuses a large number of resources on major urban areas and ignores rural sectors. They don’t want a plan that ‘is funded’ that nobody can explain the funding source on.

              For decades now America has been paying higher and higher taxes, and the Democrats want to keep pushing those taxes up so they can do more programs.

              The fact of the matter is simple; we don’t need more programs; we need better spending on the programs we already have. We don’t need higher taxes; we need our elected officials to do more with the budget they have.

              Isn’t that what many Democrats have been telling Americans for ages? That people wouldn’t be poor if they stopped spending money on frivolous things and work with what they have? Yet it’s impossible to achieve any success financially when you’re losing money left and right to taxes that you see no benefits from.

              The left needs to abide by that same mindset and make do with what they have.

              With the tombstone on the BBB all but etched, and a changing of the guard going on in many cities and states across the country now is the time for the parties to actively try to work together. With new blood coming in, there will be new ideas coming in too.

              If the left wants any part of the BBB to attain the zombie-like status it would earn, they need to reach out and find common ground. The idea that Republicans need to be the ones extending that olive branch is now gone.

              As the 2022 midterm and 2024 Presidential elections are coming up, Rep. Cammack states “we’re on track for a wonderful” election season. This is a bold statement, and if the special elections in 2021 are any indication, she could not be more accurate.

              The tide is turning, and people are no longer basing their votes on horrifically biased ads. They are once again voting for what they think is best for America, and it could not be more beautiful.

              EU and US Throw Strong Support Behind Taiwan…but Is It Enough to Dissuade China from Starting WWIII?

                By rawf8/shutterstock.com

                Since 1912, China has claimed the self-ruled nation of Taiwan as still belonging to them. It was unrightfully stolen and one day they’re going to steal it back. For 109 years the threat has appeared idle at best, but new technology and weaponry are bringing the likelihood of China achieving its long-term goal better in focus, and it isn’t only worrisome to the Taiwanese who have everything to lose.

                The European Union isn’t fond of the idea of China invading the island nation either. As a precursor to heading the commies off at the pass, the EU passed a resolution that called for its entire body of nations to “intensify EU-Taiwan political relations.”

                Consisting of 13 members, the EU committee on foreign interference in democratic processes touched down in Taipei for the first time ever. Greeted by Taiwan’s Premier Su Tseng-chang, he said, “Although we are geographically very far away, between our two sides, we share the same values, such as freedom, democracy, human rights, and rule of law. …In those regards, we are actually very close.”

                In addition to Tseng-chang, the group will sit down with President Tsai Ing-wen, and Taiwan’s Digital Minister, Audry Tand. From there they will go into think tanks where they will be joined by Taiwan’s non-profit sector that deals with combating the hordes of disinformation that pours into Taiwan via their enemy to the north. 

                The visit comes amid Bejing vowing to use force if need be to get their island back. China has been wagging its dragon tail lately with military flyovers in Taiwan airspace and naval combat drills in the South China Sea.

                Chairperson of the EU committee, Raphael Glucksmann, told Tseng-chang, “The flourishing of your democracy is formidable and this is why we are so happy to be here. You have shown that in this region democracy can flourish and [sic] that authoritarian regimes are not the future.”

                Of the EU nations, China likes Lithuania the least. They didn’t appreciate Lithuania accepting Taiwan’s request to establish an embassy in Taipei this past summer, or the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of COVID-19 vaccine they gave to the island. In retaliation, China called their ambassador in Lithuania home and sent the Lithuanian ambassador in Bejing packing. 

                The resolution calls for all EU nations to begin bilaterally investing in Taiwan and it passed by an overwhelming 580-26 votes. The U.S. is already committed to Taiwan’s continuing growth and with the EU now on board, China just may need to back off. This is the ultimate plan, anyway.

                Whether or not it matters, the EU told Bejing to immediately stop its “ongoing intrusions into Taiwan’s air defense identification.” For good measure, they tossed in, “EU greatly values security in the Taiwan Strait.” Polite but to the point.

                Taiwan’s Foreign Minister, Joseph Wu, is all about gathering as many nations to his countries side as he can collect. He took a sweet-talking diplomatic trip to Slovakia and the Czech Republic to sway them into some type of cooperation, and from the sound of things, it was a successful mission. 

                With how things are working out for Taiwan, It may be another 109 years until China feels froggy enough to jump. But then again, they may follow through with their recent threats to save face. Should they choose to go ahead and try though, they’ll discover how many more nations Taiwan has attracted with Democratic honey instead of Communist dragon crap. 

                Joe Biden Forces Afghans to Join Terrorist Regime Because He Left Them Behind

                  By Ryanzo W. Perez/shutterstock.com

                  The vacuum of terror that Joe Biden has created with his lustful pull out of Afghanistan has led people to join ISIS or die. Citizens that were once loyal to the United States have been found joining ISIS. The abandonment by Biden left many of these people without an income, so they turned to the terrorist for help.

                  Islamic terrorists hunt these people because they are viewed as enemies of ISIS for helping America. But now, they are being forced to join ISIS or risk losing their lives and everything they hold dear.

                  The Wall Street Journal found out about the issue and stated that “The number of defectors joining the terrorist group is relatively small, but growing, according to Taliban leaders, former Afghan republic security officials and people who know the defectors. Importantly, these new recruits bring to Islamic State critical expertise in intelligence-gathering and warfare techniques, potentially strengthening the extremist organization’s ability to contest Taliban supremacy.”

                  The alarming reality of what Biden has done is mind-blowing. He has allowed terrorism to return to Afghanistan, and now he has helped increase their numbers. Joe Biden sits in a position of power that allows him to aid America’s enemies.

                  The people left behind and abandoned by Biden had a choice to make. They could either resist joining the Taliban and die, or they could join and kill others in the name of the Islamic state. Biden left behind them, which makes them prime volunteers want to attack the United States for deserting them when they should have been taken out of harm’s way.

                  Many of the people joining up with the Islamic terrorist do not have a choice. And some of those people had served in the military. So, they not only have been abandoned but are trained in the art of warfare. Biden has done a great job of arming America’s enemies with well-trained people and has been betrayed by their next target.

                  Army officers that once stood with American troops for freedom are now fighting for slavery and oppression. But they have a little option from which to choose because Biden left them there all alone.

                  The Wall Street Journal also noted that those who served in intelligence were told to join or die. ISIS is quickly becoming the only way of life for many people. Rahmatullah Nabil, the head of Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security, stated that “In some areas, ISIS has become very attractive to Afghan military who have been left behind. If there were a resistance, they would have joined the resistance. [But], For the time being, ISIS is the only other armed group.”

                  Nothing is resisting ISIS and its murderous takeover. No one has a choice in the matter. Joe Biden seems to be a leader that seeks to strip people of the right to choose. He is an international disaster and will not even admit he makes mistakes.

                  Colin Kahl is the undersecretary of defense for policy. He indicates that ISIS could be powerful enough with their newfound help to attack the United States in a few months. He said, “We could see ISIS-K generate that capability in somewhere between six or 12 months, according to current assessments [from the intelligence community]. And for al Qaeda, it would take a year or two to reconstitute that capability. We have to remain vigilant against that possibility.”

                  He assumes the time frame, but it could be sooner based on the number of betrayed joining their ranks. Only after the disaster, the liberals begin to see the danger of the door they opened.

                  Many top generals in America are stating the same thing. The terrorists in Afghanistan are a significant threat to nations around the world. And all free nations are targets because Joe Biden left people behind and let the enemy take back the land from which they were expelled.

                  More Legal Trouble for Biden As Florida Socks Him With Another Lawsuit

                    By Evan El-Amin shutterstock.com

                    Florida is one of the few states where growth is taking place free of Democratic influence. The leftist regime wants all states under the destructive umbrella of Joe Biden. They want to be able to dictate what private companies can do while at the same time subjecting all workers to socialist conditions.

                    States such as California and other blue-controlled areas are suffering the onset of a massive recession. The liberals want to continue to impose nasty restrictions and other mandates on people that keep them from working their jobs and earning a living. Instead, the federal government has created substantial handout programs to encourage people to be lazy and non-productive.

                    Joe Biden is a president of lawsuits. Each one of his actions has led to him being sued on multiple fronts. The old man has destroyed prosperity in America. He has opened the southern border for illegals to flow into the country. And he indeed killed off millions of jobs around the country. On every one of these issues, he has a lawsuit pending. The man is an unconstitutional president.

                    But Ron DeSantis is not letting him get away with invading the Sunshine state. The “unlawful” actions against federal contractors to be forced to feed the vaccine are not something the governor will let slide. Biden and now NASA is forcing contractors to get the shot or risk losing their contracts.

                    The space industry is a large part of the economy in Florida. For Biden to mandate a vaccine or risk employment is enough to kill the space industry. And of course, NASA is going along with the mandate because they are being forced to pay $14,000 per violation to the federal government, and their hands are tied as to what they can do for their contractors.

                    Biden’s lovely mandate strips away the right to choose. And that freedom is one of many things that makes America a great place to live. But the Democrats want to impose themselves on people and instruct them on how to live their lives. Biden has declared that all businesses with 100 or more employees must force them to get the shot or fire them all.

                    DeSantis and the state Attorney General, Ashley Moody, filed the lawsuit and waited for their day in court. Lawsuits of this nature are bound to come out in favor of employees because the mandate has been deemed illegal in other cases around the country. Biden’s track record in court is a losing record.

                    The old president has given the contractors to vaccinate by December 8 or be out of a contract. But DeSantis and Moody have reported to Fox News that “Because the government’s unlawful vaccine requirement seeks to interfere with Florida’s employment policies and threaten Florida with economic harm and the loss of federal contracts, the State seeks relief from this Court.”

                    The Floridian governor has always stated he will fight Biden every time he issues an illegal order. DeSantis said that “Let’s not have Biden come in and effectively take away — threaten to take away — the jobs of people who have been working hard throughout this entire pandemic. I am offended that a police officer could potentially lose their job.”

                    The pandemic has not been easy on millions of people. They struggled financially during the lockdowns, and now along comes Biden seeking to fire them all. But he is in for a fight for his life because the state is protecting all of its workers.

                    The Florida legislature is working with the governor to ban Biden’s influence in the state. This lawsuit is not the first to be filed in Florida, and Biden was sued earlier because he allowed illegals to be released without being processed and sent back over the border.

                    Newsmax reported that the president’s “illegal” catch-and-release policies at the U.S.-Mexico border. The lawsuit says the administration’s policies force Florida to ‘incur millions of dollars in expenses,” which is why Biden sits in court all day.

                    Trash Takes Over Streets of New York City As Vaccine Mandate Cans Workers

                      By Kraft74/shutterstock.com

                      The only possible thing that could stink worse than a Democrat in New York City is Biden’s vaccine mandate is causing trash to pile up around the city. The vaccine mandate is an illegal order issued by the president that forces people to give up their choice and forces them to fall into line and roll up their sleeves. Many people do not want or need the shot because they are already immune. But Biden does not care because all he cares about is control.

                      The city sanitation workers are under the gun just like all other workers to comply with the illegal order. Biden order states that those who do not comply by the expired date are fired or put on leave. Either way, the trash is not being collected, and it is starting to show.

                      NBC News broke the story when they reported that “Missed collections were reported in Staten Island and Brooklyn. And residents have taken to social media in outrage over the accumulating garbage and to raise concern that the slowdown is intentional in protest of the vaccine mandate.” Not only are there people losing their jobs, but the rest of them are protesting.

                      Biden lover Bill de Blasio gave city workers until October 29 to get the vaccine, or they could not report to work. Managers and supervisors are ticked off and tell the sick mayor that missed collections are not an option. Whatever their plan is, they are not telling a soul. The mayor tried to guilt the workers by stating that “Anyone who is not doing their job, you’re harming your fellow sanitation workers, and you’re harming your neighbors, and you’re harming your city. And it’s time to stop.”

                      But he is the one that brought the fight to the streets. He is the one that ordered people to give up their freedoms and adopt a socialist reign in New York City.

                      The Democrats are not going to stop with one vaccine. They will continue to make orders for people to comply with their wishes if people do not take a stand and tell them to get out.

                      Not all city workers are vaccinated. The Daily Wire reports that “NYC is struggling to get city workers vaccinated after implementing a mandate. The city could lose up to 30% of its police force and fire department now that the deadline to receive the vaccine has passed.”

                      The New York Times found out that “New York City took one of its most aggressive steps yet to increase vaccination rates in a city that was once the epicenter of the pandemic, requiring almost every member of the nation’s largest municipal workforce to get vaccinated by the end of the month or lose their paychecks.”

                      The mayor threatens people with their paychecks unless they stop protesting the power grab and roll up their sleeves. The pandemic is no longer the reason for the insane pus for the vaccine. Democrats are at every level of government demanding that people give up their right to choose. The vaccine is just a weapon that they can use to force people into compliance.

                      The workers that are protesting the shot would have reported working, except they would not be paid. The routes they normally run were left open, and not one single piece of trash was picked up. The smelly Democrats are showing how stinky they are by forcing people to give up their freedoms.

                      The sanitation department is not the only entity affected by the liberal’s power grab. The city’s firefighters and emergency dispatchers are on the chopping block. The refusal by these heroes to be vaccinated will mean less help when people need it the most. But de Blasio does not care and is sticking to his guns.

                      The liberals think that they make all the rules and force everyone to submit to their whims. But voters are angry and cannot wait for the 2022 election to arrive to kick out the liberals and lame-duck Joe Biden.