Nikki Haley Rakes in Major Cash from Democrat Russia Hoaxer

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Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.comThe striving-for-second-place losers in the Republican presidential primary are mostly embarrassing themselves at this point. Nikki Haley, whose campaign is flailing after she took a drubbing at Wednesday night’s debate that almost no one watched, has now been raking in cash and endorsements from wealthy Democrats. What’s that say about her? Well, nothing good, as […]

NYT Goes Into Full Panic Mode Over Possible Trump Victory

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Piotr Swat / shutterstock.comWith the 2024 election drawing closer by the day and the possibility of another Trump term becoming even more pronounced, liberal leftists are getting increasingly worried. So it should surprise no one that three of The New York Times’ leading reporters joined together in writing what amounts to be a warning about how “radical” a […]

Just Like a Dictatorship: Florida Dems Award Joe Biden All 250 Delegates with No One Allowed to Vote
shutterstock.comIt looks like congratulations are in order for Joe Biden after winning all 250 of Florida’s delegates for the 2024 Democrat presidential primary. Great job, Joe! Of course, there’s a little bit of controversy surrounding the win. Florida’s primary election wasn’t supposed to happen until next March, and none of the 4.4 million registered Democrats […]

Proof Democrats Are Still Protecting Epstein in the Afterlife

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Billion Photos / shutterstock.comDespite being dead since 2019, serial child predator and procurer of underaged flesh to the elite, Jeffrey Epstein had amassed an earth-shattering list of clientele. CEOs, Wall Street Executives, athletes, models, and musicians were some of the most frequent names on his known associates list. Yet, none of them could hold a candle to the […]

Vets Play God With New Doggy Drug

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NatRomero / shutterstock.comA clinical-stage veterinary medicine company called Loyal for Dogs has uncovered a new way to play God. A new drug called LOY-001 received news it has passed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Veterinary Medicine’s “Reasonable Expectation of Effectiveness” test. Announced on November 28th, founder, and CEO Celine Halioua was exceptionally proud. “Loyal […]

Ronna Romney McDaniel Gets a New Neck Lift as RNC Donations Hit 8-Year Low

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Maxim Elramsisy / shutterstock.comDonations to the Republican National Committee (RNC) have plummeted to an 8-year low. This comes on the heels of the seventh national election in a row when Republicans have failed to gain any new ground under the failed leadership of Ronna Romney McDaniel. Not to worry, though! Ronna will look great during her next appearance […]

#MeToo Law Intended to Get Trump Continues Backfiring on Elite Leftist Celebrities

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monticello / shutterstock.comNew York’s Adult Survivors Act, better known simply as the #MeToo Law, was signed into law last year by Gov. Kathy Hochul (D). This law was failed plan number 7,462 to Get Trump. Leftists reasoned that if they lifted the statute of limitations on rape cases dating back to the 1980s, surely there would be […]

NY Retailers Now Dealing With Soaring Retail Theft As Well as Tax Theft

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TierneyMJ / shutterstock.comRetailers in New York are already paying an enormous tax burden. Even in rural areas, the costs of owning a business and the tithing you need to pay to the Princess of NY to be legal is criminal. Add in yearly state vehicle inspections, as well as every organization in the country and city/town having […]

Passengers Learn the Dangers of Flying Discount with Recent Devilish Frontier Flight

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LukeandKarla.Travel / shutterstock.comFrontier Airlines is known for being a discount airline. It’s a way for people to save money while traveling. They charge low fares and, then, have charges for everything else, including being able to choose your seat rather than being assigned one at the gate. For many, they assume that the flight isn’t going to […]

GOP Holds Every Elected Position in This State

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Gutzemberg / shutterstock.comIf you remember correctly, the American South was the birthplace of the Democratic Party. And yet, one more southern state is doing an about-face when it comes to supporting the political left. In fact, Louisiana is now officially 100 percent Republican-controlled. For those of you unfamiliar with the Pelican State’s politics, it has been a […]