Biden Didn’t Poop Himself at D-Day, But Why That Was Even Considered a Possibility? 

Zamurovic Brothers /
Zamurovic Brothers /

June 6 is an important day of remembrance for France and America, one which President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron commemorated at an event in Normandy, France. But the day might also be one Biden would wish to forget, as photographers caught him in an awkward pose that indicated he may have soiled himself on stage. The moment was highlighted by a shocked First Lady Jill Biden’s reaction of holding her hand up to her mouth in what was commonly perceived as horror over the moment. 

Judi James, a body language expert, has revealed that the pose indicated Biden’s instability rather than an accident. She explained that the pose was typical among the elderly, who can no longer sit with the ease they enjoyed in their youth. 

Biden’s prolonged crouching motion resembles the posture older individuals often adopt when sitting down, especially when their joints and limbs aren’t as flexible as they once were. James clarified that although Biden’s movements may resemble a young child relieving themselves, it’s common among older adults. 

But that clarification wasn’t without some additional concerns. James said that Biden appeared “unsteady and confused” at that moment and added that the President flinched when Macron patted him on the back during a handshake. 

Additionally, Biden’s awkward position may have been caused by the realization that he wasn’t supposed to sit. French President Macron was still standing at the time, and Jill Biden’s “horrified pose” was more likely an attempt to whisper to Joe behind her hand that he should remain on his feet. James suggested theories about her covering her mouth in shock don’t make sense. She doesn’t believe Jill would make such a gesture, especially considering her position as the First Lady. 

Even if this incident can be easily explained, it raises a far more important question. Why were Americans so quick to accept that Biden had soiled himself during a highly publicized event? 

The report of a potential public pooping incident coincides with a Wall Street Journal report which laid out evidence that Biden isn’t as mentally incompetent as he seems to be. 

In fact, he’s much worse. 

Fox News’ Jesse Watters spent part of his show, Jesse Watters Primetime, unpacking the damning report. According to Watters, the WSJ report was supported by 45 Republican and Democratic sources who have spent extensive time with the president behind closed doors. The picture they paint is an alarming one of a world leader experiencing memory lapses and often mumbling to the extent that those nearby have difficulty understanding him. He heavily relies on note cards even for simple points, frequently pauses for extended periods, and occasionally closes his eyes so long that observers wonder if he’s disengaged from the conversation. 

Citing sources in the WSJ report, Watters said that the president’s movements were so slow in the Cabinet room that sometimes it took up to 10 minutes to begin a meeting. Even when meetings started, Biden seemed unaware of what he was negotiating. Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy revealed to the Journal that Biden often returned to previous topics, expressing surprise when reminded that those matters had been discussed in previous meetings and were already concluded. 

One insider said it was “impossible not to feel uncomfortable” in these situations.  

Americans don’t need to read the WSJ report to understand how badly Biden’s mental and physical acuity has declined in the years since he took office. Every remark he makes is riddled with blunders, including mixing up names of lawmakers and world leaders, creating and maintaining entire fictional narratives regarding his past, and his mumbling confusion that frequently precedes his removal from the stage by his administration. He attempts to shake hands with invisible people on stage. He has slipped, tripped, and fallen so frequently that he no longer uses the stairs to board Air Force One. Using the shorter stairs in the underbelly of Air Force One effectively shields his movements from public view as he boards the plane. 

Following an investigation into the trove of classified documents found in Biden’s residences and offices, Robert Hurr declared the President was “mentally unfit” to face prosecution for the crimes. 

Biden has become a popular source of entertainment for other countries, with Australia’s Sky News front and center in the mockery. Italy’s Saturday Night Live-style late-night show, Fratelli di Crozza, opened its eighth season with an impersonation of a bumbling Joe Biden behind a podium, who ultimately presses the nuclear button in his briefcase. 

It’s troubling when the responsibility to disprove Biden’s potential D-Day accident falls on those who must prove it didn’t happen rather than on those claiming it did.