Corruption Getting Deeper: Schumer’s Brother Connected to Bragg 

Bumble Dee /
Bumble Dee /

Prosecutors who ran on platforms of “getting Trump,” secretive meetings between prosecutors and the Biden administration, judges’ family members who stood to make millions over a Trump conviction, judges willing to set fairness aside to guarantee a guilty verdict- it’s hard to keep track of all the conflicts of interest at play in former President Donald Trump’s legal battles.  

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) took a victory lap following the outcome of Trump’s hush money trial, claiming that the former president “went through the same legal process” as other Americans, that he was “tried according to facts and law,” and that he was “found guilty by a jury of his peers.” 

Except that New York is hardly a fair place to pick jurors in a Trump case, the “facts and law” were skewed against Trump from the start, and his “legal process” was not the same as other Americans. And Schumer doesn’t need to look further than his brother’s law firm for proof that his statement was an outright lie. 

Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton, and Garrison is a law firm that some call the “Biden-Era N.Y. Power Center.” Robert Schumer, brother of Senator Schumer, is a partner in this law firm. The firm granted three attorneys a leave of absence to work for District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office for the Trump trial. Mark Pomerantz was one of them. 

Pomerantz wrote a letter of resignation criticizing Bragg for delaying the trial and claiming that Bragg had no intention to seek criminal charges against the former president. This letter was deliberately leaked to the New York Times to create controversy and political strife, forcing Bragg’s hand. Shortly after the leaked resignation letter and under heat for his lack of action against Trump, Bragg claimed the investigation was ongoing. He quickly started putting the pieces of the chaotic case together. 

Enter Matthew Colangelo, who was President Joe Biden’s associate attorney general before being hired by Bragg. After Colangelo was brought on the team, Trump was indicted. 

Bragg’s hiring a prominent criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor, on leave from another law firm, to focus exclusively on the Trump investigation was so unusual that even The New York Times noted it as a “highly unusual move for a prosecutor’s office.” 

Chuck Schumer is very much aware of his brother’s law firm’s role in convicting Trump. And so is Biden. Biden attended a fundraiser at Robert’s law firm in 2019 and took a moment to recognize him from the podium. 

Further, Robert Schumer is a member of the Judicial Selection Committee, reportedly assisting Sen. Schumer in evaluating candidates for federal judgeships and U.S. attorney positions. Attorneys fighting for Trump’s convictions will likely be rewarded by Schumer and Biden appointments to the bench. 

Trump is aware of these connections but remains unable to discuss them because his gag order still hampers him. Manhattan prosecutors want to keep that gag order in place until after his sentencing on July 11. Since the trial is complete, Trump attorneys Emil Bove and Todd Blanche are calling on Judge Juan Merchan to lift the “continued restriction” of their client’s First Amendment rights. 

In a recent letter to Merchan, Blanche and Bove argued that, given President Joe Biden’s public remarks about last Friday’s verdict and ongoing criticism of Trump by prosecution witnesses Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels, the former President should be allowed “unrestrained campaign advocacy.” Most importantly, the gag order must be lifted before Trump’s June 27 presidential debate with Biden. 

If the media refuses to cover Schumer’s connections to Bragg and Trump is unable to comment on them, the public will most likely never know just how deep the corruption lies. From the beginning, the Trump cases have been a disgustingly incestuous display of the political machine’s determination to destroy one man’s life and political career.  

Democrats will take their “victory” and cling to it throughout the 2024 election cycle. After all, they worked hard for it through a dizzying array of bought and paid-for judges, biased prosecutors, and partisan courtroom antics. But one thing Schumer and his ilk can never say is that Trump was afforded the “same legal process” as other Americans. If that were true, no one would ever be innocent in America’s courtrooms.