Biden’s FTC Seeking to Destroy Amazon for “Illegal Monopoly” 

Sergei Elagin /
Sergei Elagin / shutterstock.comIn yet another declaration of war against capitalism, The Federal Trade Commission has turned its attention to dismantling Amazon. Citing that the company holds an “illegal monopoly,” the Biden FTC is taking the online retail giant to court for using its power to benefit itself at the expense of American families and businesses.   The […]

Trump and Biden Head to Michigan to Appear Before Union Workers Who Don’t Want Either of Them There 

Luigi Morris /
Luigi Morris / shutterstock.comPresident Joe Biden is grabbing his picket sign and heading to the frontlines with striking United Auto Workers in a play to garner media attention as well as the support of those adversely affected by his intensely “anti-gas-powered automobile stance.”   Critics were quick to point out that former President Donald Trump announced plans to go […]

BANG: California’s Magazine Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

Grindstone Media Group /
Grindstone Media Group / shutterstock.comBack in 2017, a District Court judge in California overturned the state’s illegal, Second Amendment-infringing restriction on firearm magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the judge’s ruling. Now that the Supreme Court’s Bruen ruling from 2020 is the law of the land, the judge has once […]

Texas National Guard Gets to Work in Eagle Pass

Vic Hinterlang /
Vic Hinterlang / shutterstock.comWe all know the Biden Administration’s southern border is best described as porous. Thankfully, the Texas National Guard is making it less so. Case and point comes from Eagle Pass on Saturday, where Guardsmen diligently stood and worked to prevent illegals from entering the US. If you haven’t heard of Eagle Pass, it’s one of […]

Sen Manchin (D-WV) Has Had Enough With Shorts and Hoodies; Files To Restore Dignity to the Floor

Andrew Cline /
Andrew Cline / shutterstock.comSenator Joe Manchin. (D-WV) is one of the most right-leaning Democrats known to man. While elected for the left, a lot of principal beliefs are deeply conservative. One of them is the concept of right and wrong. Keeping the traditions of decorum and sensible government alive is not an easy thing for politicians to do, […]

Biden Proposes 50-Year Ban on Mining in New Mexico – Ensuring Chinese EV Dominance

Underawesternsky /
Underawesternsky / shutterstock.comThe Biden regime announced a proposal on Monday of this week to ban all oil drilling and mining on thousands of acres of resource-rich lands in New Mexico. Following Biden’s lockup of a million acres surrounding the Grand Canyon last month, this more recent move would ensure China’s dominance in the electric vehicle (EV) market […]

Socialist Style City-Owned Grocery Stores Proposed in Crime-Riddled Chicago 

Milosz Maslanka /
Milosz Maslanka / shutterstock.comChicago Mayor Brandon Johnson recently dropped a bombshell when he revealed his plan to team up with the nonprofit advocacy group “Economic Security Project” to bring government-owned grocery stores to neglected corners of the city. Republicans didn’t hold back, likening the idea to “Soviet-style central planning.”  Soviet-style grocery aisle adventures are the mayor’s way of […]

Trump Plans on Finding Unprecedented Middle Ground on Abortions

Consolidated News Photos /
Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.comAppearing on Meet the Press on September 17th, former President and current 2024 candidate for return to office Donald Trump gave a taped interview. While speaking with NBC News storyteller Kristen Welker, he discussed the horrific Democrat position on abortion up to nine months, as well as the conservative hardline of outright banning all abortions. […]

Only 800 of New York’s 110K Illegal Aliens Have Applied for Work Authorizations

Evgenia Parajanian /
Evgenia Parajanian / shutterstock.comLess than one percent of the illegal aliens that have flooded into New York City this year have applied for work authorizations. That kind of blows up the argument that these foreign invaders are just looking for jobs, doesn’t it? Or that they’ll do the jobs Americans won’t do? These people don’t want to work […]

Hunter Sues IRS for Violating His Rights as a Taxpayer and Claims He’s Owed a Refund 

Domenico Fornas /
Domenico Fornas / shutterstock.comHunter Biden is suing the IRS for what he claims is an “assault” on his rights as a taxpayer following public exposure from the testimony of agency whistleblowers. But wait; there’s more.  He also claims that he overpaid the IRS and is due a refund.  Hunter’s lawsuit states that the IRS failed to adequately protect […]

Another Democrat Mayor Wants to Deport Illegal Aliens from His City

Bruce Stanfield /
Bruce Stanfield / shutterstock.comMassachusetts is the only state in America that has a so-called “right to shelter” law. If a homeless family turns up in any town in Massachusetts, local officials have to drop everything and provide them with shelter, food, healthcare and any other needs they might have. Now that gigantic hordes of illegal aliens are flooding […]

IRS Plans to Use Artificial Intelligence to Audit More White People

create jobs 51 /
create jobs 51 / shutterstock.comOn Friday, the IRS announced that it was going to use artificial intelligence (AI) to begin auditing more white people, thus sparing minority groups the indignity of audits which are obviously systemic racism whenever it happens to them. Naturally, the IRS didn’t say directly that it was going to audit more white people. It was […]

Just How Bad is the Homeless Problem if Even Progressive Newsom Wants Them Cleared out of San Francisco? 

mikeledray /
mikeledray / shutterstock.comOn Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom of California declared that the state would step in to address an ongoing federal court case imposing restrictions on San Francisco’s ability to clear homeless encampments until more shelter beds become available. In an interview with news outlet Politico, Newsom asserted that the judge’s actions have crossed a line and […]

California Voters Opposed to Reparations by a 2-to-1 Margin

AndriiKoval /
AndriiKoval / shutterstock.comThe California legislature will take up a bill next year to consider $800 billion in reparations to black residents for the slavery that never impacted them. The legislature is already facing a huge problem, however. Voters hate the idea. California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) and state lawmakers came up with the idea for a Reparations […]

Biden is Called Out by 103 House Dems
shutterstock.comFor most of us, hearing that President Joe Biden has been called out by his own might give us hope. However, that is not the case. Instead, it only proves just how far the Democratic Party has fallen – and how out of touch with real Americans it is. As you know, Democrats everywhere, especially […]