MTG Says Fauci Should Be Jailed for Crimes Against Humanity 

Aaron of L.A. Photography /
Aaron of L.A. Photography /

Dr. Anthony Fauci is in the spotlight yet again for the role he took in spreading false information about COVID-19, from its origins to the fabricated “science” behind masking, lockdowns, and vaccinations. 

During his testimony on Monday, Fauci blamed the CDC for making up the widely disputed “six-foot” rule for social distancing, a mandate that he had previously claimed had “just appeared” out of nowhere. In January, Fauci admitted he didn’t know of studies supporting the six-foot social distancing rule, saying they would be hard to conduct. 

According to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY), this new claim was yet another distortion of facts. “Everyone knows Doctor Fauci was the lead instigator in the spacing distance,” Comer said, adding that the damage Fauci caused to America was “indeterminable.” 

Comer noted that Fauci caused the closure of tens of thousands of businesses in America, increased the national debt, and severely impacted public education. Due to Dr. Fauci’s advocacy for the six-foot social distancing requirements, children couldn’t attend school. Comer said this should anger every struggling business owner, every business owner who lost their livelihood, and every parent whose child had to resort to virtual learning, essentially missing out on a year of education. 

Comer also suggested that he “liked the idea” that Fauci should face prosecution for lying to Congress. 

Firebrand Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) took the argument one step further, insisting that Fauci not only belongs in prison but that her colleagues should issue a criminal referral for “crimes against humanity.” 

And, apparently, for crimes against canines as well. During the heated exchange on Monday, MTG held up pictures of beagles used for animal testing, claiming that Fauci knew about them and was responsible for them. 

The White Coat Waste Project, an animal rights organization, alleges that during Dr. Fauci’s tenure, the institute subjected beagle puppies to experiments involving tick infestations and poisoning. Angered by the beagle pictures, Fauci questioned what dogs had to do with COVID. But MTG was just getting started. 

As her questioning unfolded, she refused to refer to him as a doctor and referred to him as “Mr. Fauci.” She stated that Fauci didn’t deserve to hold a license, that it should be revoked, and that the former NIH director should be imprisoned. She also confronted him regarding his “I represent science” statements. 

MTG was just getting started. The proceeding descended into chaos as she held up a picture of Fauci maskless at a baseball game during the pandemic.  

Democrats objected strongly and called for punitive action against Greene. Subcommittee Chairman Brad Wenstrup, a Republican from Ohio, said she would not be reprimanded but advised her to acknowledge Dr. Fauci’s professional title. 

During Monday’s hearing, Fauci emphasized his efforts in expediting vaccine development, which he claimed saved countless lives in the U.S. and worldwide. He denied allegations of promoting the six-foot social distancing guideline. 

In January, Fauci confessed that no evidence supports masking to prevent COVID in children. On Monday, he clarified his statement to add that no studies on masking children had been conducted before due to the “urgency of responding to the pandemic,” which was “claiming thousands of lives daily.”  Consequently, rules mandating mask-wearing for children were implemented across many areas for an extended period without research on their effectiveness. 

During Monday’s hearing, Fauci acknowledged that studies have documented the adverse effects of mask-wearing in schools on children. The negative consequences on children’s learning and social development have been well-documented, with NIH studies highlighting impacts on literacy, education, and mental health, including depression, anxiety, and stress caused by social distancing measures. 

Fauci confirmed the theory that the virus “may have leaked” from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This admission contrasts his support for a paper that dismissed the lab leak theory as unlikely. Lawmakers questioned Fauci about his involvement in that paper, to which he stated that he did not contribute to its findings but reviewed it upon publication. Fauci also mentioned that he urged scientists to investigate concerns about the virus’s manipulation in January 2020. However, in a February 2020 interview, Fauci dismissed the idea of COVID-19 originating from a lab as a “conspiracy theory.” 

By all accounts, the hearing was as entertaining as it was eye-opening. Raised voices, lawmakers talking over each other, MTG’s tirade, and even a heckler from the audience all contributed to what Freshman Democrat Representative Robert Garcia (D-CA) called the “most unruly conference” in his one and a half years serving Congress. 

However, as Republican committees continue investigating corruption under the Biden administration, Garcia may look fondly back on this hearing as one of the most orderly ones he ever experienced.