Obama Panicking Behind the Scenes Because He Knows Trump Can Win in 2024

Gil Corzo / shutterstock.com
Gil Corzo / shutterstock.com

All signs are pointing toward a massive Trump landslide in November. The American people have been harmed so badly by Joe Biden’s single failed term that many will vote for Trump simply out of hope for relief from the financial pain. The Democrat Party’s impending doom is weighing heavily on them. Barack Obama is reportedly in a panic behind the scenes. According to a report in New York Magazine, Obama has been having secret lunches with Joe Biden to strategize ways to not lose in November.

Obama, who once famously declared that you should “never underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up,” is now worried that his former vice president has f***ed things up. The worrisome indicators are everywhere, and friends of Obama have told New York Magazine that his anxiety over the outcome of the race is real.

He should be! Now that it’s fair game to prosecute former presidents, Mr. Look-at-Me-I-Kill-Americans-in-Drone-Strikes-Without-Due-Process has a lot to lose in a second Trump term.

There’s also the fact that the Biden White House is jam-packed with Deep State holdovers from Obama’s presidency. We all give Joe Biden a lot of credit for the runaway inflation, endless foreign wars, the open borders, and all the other problems that started in 2021, but this is really Barack Obama’s third term in office.

Obama is the one running the country from behind the scenes through his surrogates. The only thing Joe Biden does these days is watch Murder, She Wrote reruns in the basement while waiting for his next glass of Ovaltine.

Barack has been meeting regularly with Biden’s campaign chairman to strategize and try to improve their messaging. (If you haven’t noticed, the Biden campaign isn’t very good at this.) He’s also organizing and attending every major Biden fundraiser, including the most recent one in Los Angeles where Biden froze on stage and Obama had to grab him by the arm and lead him away like a dog.

During Obama’s remarks at the Peacock Theater that night, he said, “I take great pride in what the Biden administration has accomplished.”

No one burst out laughing at that statement or asked any follow-up questions, but we have several. Could you be specific about any of those accomplishments, Obama? We’ll set the bar really low. How about if you just name one?

Obama’s friends also note that his concerns about Donald Trump winning in November are shared with nearly everyone in the upper ranks of the Democrat Party. If all the polls are looking this bad for Joe Biden, imagine what they’re seeing in their internal polls that they don’t show to the public.

Trump is now drawing 25% of the black vote, primarily among black men. That statistic alone is a likely death sentence for any Democrat running for president. Trump holds a 61-39 lead among independent voters in a two-way race—a 22% difference. He’s pulled ahead of Biden in the reliably blue state of Virginia (13 electoral votes) and is now teaming up to campaign with Gov. Glenn Youngkin for the first time.

In polls that the mainstream media avoids like the plague, Trump continues to lead Biden by 1 point in Maine. That state shouldn’t even be close. The Biden campaign has effectively pulled out of Florida because they know that state is a lost cause for them. Trump even has Minnesota and New York in play this year.

Barack Obama has very good reasons to be worried about this November. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.