Rep. Roy Launches Campaign to Remove Biden from Office

Philip Yabut /
Philip Yabut /

Chip Roy, a Texas Republican, caused a stir in the political arena last week by introducing a resolution calling for the invocation of the 25th Amendment to remove President Joe Biden from office. This move came after Biden’s underwhelming performance during a presidential debate. Biden’s noticeable mental and physical challenges did not go unnoticed, sparking widespread speculation and criticism, even within his own party. It seems that the media and Democrats have finally found common ground: there are growing concerns about Biden’s ability to lead.

The resolution calls upon Vice President Kamala Harris to mobilize the executive Cabinet under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, declaring President Biden unfit to execute his duties and assuming the role of Acting President. It asserts that Biden has publicly demonstrated he cannot fulfill his presidential responsibilities, including those as Commander-in-Chief.

Proposed in 1965 and ratified by all 50 states in 1967, the 25th Amendment establishes presidential succession and replacement procedures under specific circumstances. It was first used in 1973 when President Richard Nixon nominated Congressman Gerald R. Ford of Michigan to fill the Vice Presidential vacancy left by Spiro Agnew’s resignation. Less than a year later, it was invoked again when Ford ascended to the presidency following Nixon’s resignation. Ford then nominated Nelson Rockefeller to fill the new Vice Presidential vacancy.

In a radio interview, Roy echoed the sentiments expressed by Senator Ted Cruz, also from Texas. Cruz questioned the Democratic Party’s strategy amid uncertainties over Biden’s replacement ahead of the upcoming elections, suggesting Michelle Obama as a potential nominee.

Roy insists that the Democrats have long been aware of Biden’s health challenges, using him as a figurehead to advance their radical agenda while attempting to conceal his limitations. The recent debate underscored these concerns, prompting a controlled panic among Democrats fearing electoral consequences.

Despite partisan divisions, Roy emphasized the constitutional duty to uphold the integrity of the presidency, stressing Biden’s alleged incapacity. He challenged Democrats to confront this issue squarely and make a definitive stance on Biden’s competency.

Calls to invoke the 25th Amendment gained traction earlier this year due to concerns about President Biden’s cognitive abilities, which were mentioned in a report by Special Counsel Robert Hur. Former White House physician Rep. Ronny Jackson has also expressed these concerns and advocated invoking the Amendment, highlighting ongoing bipartisan scrutiny over Biden’s fitness for office.

Senator Mike Lee of Utah endorsed Roy’s resolution, characterizing the debate as a pivotal moment underscoring the urgency for such constitutional measures. Similarly, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida referenced widespread public outcry and media scrutiny as further evidence necessitating decisive action.

Amid Biden’s reassurances of his capability to serve, criticisms persist. Gayle King, co-host of CBS Mornings, reflected broader sentiments that Biden’s recent performance had been challenging to watch and raised serious questions about his fitness to continue in office.