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BLM Agenda: Liberal Universities Forcing Students to Sign Pledge or Else


    No one likes being forced to do anything that violates their convictions or things they…

    No one likes being forced to do anything that violates their convictions or things they believe to be right. What makes it worse is when they are forced by hurtful groups to mold themselves to a set standard or else face consequences. What is being promoted across schools all around the country are for students to sign a pledge that is anti-racist and illegal.

    The question that some people are wrestling with is whether or not such an approach is legal or not. There are many universities and schools that are requiring students to sign such a pledge or risk punishment. There are even 150 law schools that are calling on the American Bar Association to incorporate this concept in future education.

    The letter from these schools to the ABA stated “Dear Members of the Council of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar: Preparing law students to be lawyers requires that they should be educated with respect to bias, cultural awareness, and anti-racism. Such skills are essential parts of professional competence, legal practice, and being a lawyer. We believe that every law school should develop such training and education for its students.”

    The push by these people is to force students to learn about anti-racist concepts. With the hopes that they will not violate that teaching in the courtroom. But what is pushing this movement is terrible.

    Black Lives Matter propaganda has been taken by these schools and are trying to incorporate it into their already liberal biased material. The University of Southern Maine has actually adopted a BLM statement that has been proved as unconstitutional. It is also a terrible violation of one’s right to learn and express their beliefs based on that education. Students are being forced to accept other ideals instead of being encouraged to develop their own.

    The issue that is left open to interpretation is the sick concept of who will make the decision of what is racist or not? To force students to rat each other outputs that judgmental issue into their hands. It is then that bias and hatred take over and incriminates innocent people.

    For instance, a person that believes all life is important will be branded as racist by a BLM member because they have not narrowed down their scope to fit within the ever-changing points of BLM theology. So, what happens is the all lives matter people are put down and tortured for caring about every person.

    BLM maintains that reverse discrimination is needed in order to teach people a lesson of what slavery is like. What needs to happen is for BLM to go back in time and protest 200 years ago to the generation that really hurt people who were slaves.

    For students in these schools that refuse to sign an anti-racial statement, they stand to be the recipients of preferential racism. They will be targeted for their refusal to sign the pledge. And they will be branded as racist.

    President Trump is not in favor of forced indoctrination. It is dangerous and limits a person’s ability to think through all the issues and letting them make a decision based on the facts. BLM wants to force people to believe their agenda. But their agenda and theology are biased and socialist in scope. It is anti-American.

    BLM is the new Nazism. They are forcing young people to learn and accept things through forced indoctrination. They are moving the next generation into a corner and prepping them to a life of failure. They will be unable to think through important issues and make decisions that would make America a better place for everyone.

    No one should ever be told what to believe by a group of people that destroy public and private property. They should not be taught the ideals of a group that murders little boys on the street simply because their skin is a lighter color. This is what BLM does and they have no place to be dictating anything to any person or telling people what to believe.

    Tucker Carlson: What the Dems Don’t Want You to See at the Convention


      For many years people have long speculated what the problems with the Democratic Party are. They try and coverup their problems by shifting focus and blame onto others around them. But as the Democratic National Convention ran its course irony, double standards and dangerous doctrines came flowing out of the older members and speakers. The nation saw the heartless approach and hateful spirit of the Democratic Party.

      The first speaker to present the lies of his life was Andrew Cuomo. The murderer of elderly people had the stage at the DNC. He made the point of bragging up his self-proclaimed success of how his state has fought the coronavirus.

      Tucker Carlson had stated that everyone expects Cuomo to be a keynote speaker based on his past. It had nothing to do with his accomplishments, but rather who he is related to. Carlson stated that “The weirdest moment by far of the night was Andrew Cuomo’s speech; Cuomo is the brother of CNN’s weightlifting correspondent. His father famously gave the DNC keynote back in 1984. There was never any question that Andrew Cuomo was going to speak at this year’s convention.”

      Cuomo bragged about how he handled the COVID-19 outbreak but all he did was remind people of how many people he intentionally killed in the nursing homes. Cuomo is the last person on the planet that can claim that he handled the virus well. He is the one that did the unspeakable and deliberately infected people.

      All he did is show the world that Democrats lie and live in their own little world of reality. They think that they are God’s gift to mankind. But, in reality, they are the poison that kills everything good in life.

      When Michelle Obama took the stage, she ended up presenting herself as a victim and not a victor. She was so sad and defeated that she would not even come to the convention. She had to tape herself and then broadcast it over the television. She is so self-centered that she cannot accept the way that people look at her. So, she makes them changed instead of her.

      He victimized speech claimed that innocent people are being murdered in the streets. She claimed the age-old story that BLM spreads that colored people are being killed in mass by cops. And the list went on and on.

      Most of what Obama said was found to be incorrect statistics. Facts show that there is not a host of people being killed by cops. In the entire nation, there were only 14 people killed by the police. And in most of those cases, the person killed attacked the cops first.

      Her speech was an attempt to make Americans fear what does not need to be feared. She is trying to divide the country, which can be used by her sick candidate as a means to gain supporters.

      Carlson pointed out that “Michelle Obama made very clear if you disagree with what she says, you are a bigot.” She has no room for people with a different view on key issues. A bigot is not a person that disagrees with issues. To call Americans a bigot is to show how fearful Obama is.

      The last speaker was Muriel Bowser who is D.C.’s mayor. The city is in shambles and is full of drug-addicted people who have been forgotten about by Bowser. Her reluctance to denounce the violence has put her in the ranks with the terrorists that hate America.

      The sad reality of the Democratic Party is one of delusion. They live in their world that is full of made-up praise and honor. They think that they are better than the rest of the country. Their attitude is why the lost in 2016 and why they will again in 2020.

      President Trump is the real deal. He does what he says and honors his promises. He has proven through action that he cares about people. The president made a lot of promises and he has delivered on every one of them. He is exactly what the nation was looking for and they will vote for him again.

      Truck Company Says Cities Who Defund Police Are in for Big Surprise


        As I am sure you have heard, liberals everywhere are crying out for us to defund the police, if not disband them completely. Now, as you can imagine, this is causing problems in larger cities where crime is only escalating with the lack of officers on the ground or those who have their hands pretty much tied.

        But as one trucking company owner describes, it’s soon to cause another major issue for those cities.

        As co-owner of JKC Trucking, an Illinois-based trucking company, Mike Kucharski recently told Fox and Friends First, anywhere that shuts down their police is effectively also shutting down their most essential supply chains.

        You see, for Kucharski and many other trucking owners, it’s all about safety for their drivers.

        He said, “Our first priority is to support our drivers and their safety when they’re on the road.”

        As he explains, trucking has always been a dangerous job and one that demands certain precautions to be taken. Kucharski says, “when you’re on the road, you have – you’re for weeks and days at a time, driving 11 hours with valuable cargo, everybody wants to steal this.”

        But now that police are being limited both in numbers and operations in some areas, things have become even more treacherous for truckers. He says, “There is no safe place. Violence is everywhere. So, if you’re going to be having valuable cargo and there’s going to be no police to rely on, who’s going to protect our drivers?”

        And this is precisely why he says, “Defunding the police is a bad idea.”

        He added, “The states that are going to defund the police, we’re not going to go to because we’re trying to avoid those states for safety reasons.”

        Furthermore, he notes that “drivers have the right to refuse a load because they are worried about their own safety.” And if drivers begin doing this often, or en masse, some cities will soon find themselves without food and other supplies, and very quickly.

        “If these drivers all refuse to go into these areas, the food supply chain collapses. There’s going to be no more essential goods. The people in these states are going to run out of food. Then there’s going to be complete chaos. I’d say 72 hours and that’s it. The party’s over.”

        Obviously, hotbeds of violence and mayhem such as Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, and New York will be the most heavily influenced, as police there are being more and more limited, and subsequently, riots, looting, and murder rates have skyrocketed.

        But as USA Today points out, its not just these densely populated areas where police have begun to be defunded and disbanded. According to the outlet, police departments all over the country are reporting cuts in both personal and funding as the progressive left continues to push for the extinction of law enforcement.

        However, as Kucharski makes clear, the mostly Democratic leaders who are allowing such are about to get a rude awakening.

        These government officials have one priority that rises above all others: to protect and support their citizens. And if they aren’t willing to do their jobs, kowtowing to the left instead, then why should truckers be forced to do their job either, especially when it puts them and their very lives at risk.

        Kucharski asks of these cities, “What are we supposed to do when we’re in trouble? I mean, somebody wants to hijack the truck? Somebody beats up a driver? You know, hurts my driver. We’re not going to be able to help them, and we’re not going to be able to provide the backup for them to be safe.”

        The only option is just not to go there anymore.

        And it’s not like you can blame them. No one wants to travel to those areas. No one wants to put their very lives in jeopardy.

        As one trucker tweeted, “If I hear that there are protests or an area isn’t safe, I’m turning around at any cost.”

        Maybe if enough truckers do this, these cities will learn the cost of not having police to protect not only themselves but the supplies they so desperately rely on. Either that or they are going to have to start growing their own food.