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Cost of Democrats Betrayal Hits Millions as Truth Comes Out regarding the True Cost of Their Actions


    Alejandro Mayorkas is the criminal mastermind overseeing the southern border. He is Joe Biden’s Homeland Security chief and could not care about keeping the country safe from foreign invaders. The man thinks that the border issues directly result from Donald Trump’s failed policies. And he is not afraid to share his pointless opinion of a

    Alejandro Mayorkas is the criminal mastermind overseeing the southern border. He is Joe Biden’s Homeland Security chief and could not care about keeping the country safe from foreign invaders. The man thinks that the border issues directly result from Donald Trump’s failed policies. And he is not afraid to share his pointless opinion of a belief based nothing on lies.

    The Democrats fought hard to keep Donald Trump from being able to finish the wall that would have secured the border and made life a lot safer for people living near it. A structure that would have kept illegals out and made life safe at the border. Mayorkas admitted that Joe Biden had wasted $72 million in shutting down all the wall construction.

    Mayorkas tried to make it sound like Donald Trump was the problem. He said, “We inherited a broken and dismantled system that is already under strain. It was not built to manage the current levels of migration flow. Only Congress can fix it. We have effectively managed an unprecedented number of noncitizens seeking to enter the United States.”

    Congress was in a position to fix the border while Trump was president. But the Democrats kept dragging their feet and refused to work with Republicans to develop a solution that would work.

    Millions of illegals continue to press the border, and all Biden does is put them on buses and release them into the country’s interior. The delusional man thinks that Biden is handling the border just fine. But letting illegals walk on across without intervention is not handling anything. It is letting a problem get out of control. And eventually, it will destroy the country in the process.

    Biden does not care about the country. All the old man cares about is himself and pacifying illegals. He refuses to stand up to the migrants. Instead of telling them to enter the country the legal way, he wants to let them enter any way they want. And that is putting American lives in danger near the border.

    Newsmax reports that “DHS released more than 80,000 of those migrants, raising the total number of illegal immigrants released under the Biden administration to 836,225.” The old man is on pace to set a world record for letting illegals into the country.

    Biden and his administration willfully wasted millions of dollars to stop securing the border. Terrorists have an open the door to enter the country from the south and be transported by the Biden express to their next target. And without intervention, there is no chance of catching them before killing innocent people. It is a clear signal that the president and his staff are not concerned about protecting the country.

    Mayorkas is blind to the truth. He is also in favor of ending Title 42 and binding the hands of border agents tasked with enforcing immigration laws. The Homeland Security Chief reasons that the 1944 law keeps people from being registered at the border; The agents turn them away.

    But registering people under Biden’s watch is not border control. It takes an inventory of the names of people he is getting into the country illegally. Biden’s approach to the border marks him as a traitor. He has willfully chosen to assist illegals in invading America.

    A president who cared about the country would have already secured the border or allowed the construction of the wall to be finished. The funds that Biden wasted would have better been used to provide the equipment agents need to do their job of protecting people.

    The president and his staff have proven that they cannot be trusted with American security. They are more concerned with confusing the issue to justify letting illegals wander across the border. But even more alarming than their betrayal is the frivolous spending of money they have wasted on opening the border.

    Summer Plans? Omicron Subvariant Says Not So Fast…


      The Democrats have had to give up a lot of control since the pandemic waned. All of a sudden, people are able to go wherever they please – and without a mask. Even the most liberal of cities and states have lifted mask mandates and social distancing rules so that people can have their American

      The Democrats have had to give up a lot of control since the pandemic waned. All of a sudden, people are able to go wherever they please – and without a mask. Even the most liberal of cities and states have lifted mask mandates and social distancing rules so that people can have their American freedoms back.

      Oh, but wait.

      Just when you thought it was safe to go back into society, there’s an Omicron subvariant rearing its ugly head. And some researchers say that it could pose a problem for us here in the United States.

      Across the globe, we’ve seen some COVID infections soar as people try to return to normal. Even cruise cases have increased – and you need proof of vaccinations to get on board.

      Most countries have accepted the rise and fall of COVID cases as part of life now. The UK, for example, has said that they’re not planning on going into lockdown again. They’ve been there, they’ve done that, and people have the masks as souvenirs.

      Omicron Subvariant BA.2 is the official name that is causing some concern in the various health communities. What is it and should we be worried?

      Well, so far, Dr. Fauci hasn’t poked his head out of hiding to tell us how worried we need to be. So, either he’s not concerned, or he’s realized the hard truth that no one cares what he thinks about it.

      BA.2 has become the dominant strain in the U.S. – particularly in heavily populated areas like New York City. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that as of March 19, there was a 13” increase in COVID cases over the prior week – and the subvariant was responsible for approximately 35 percent of those cases.

      The symptoms for the subvariant are similar to what you’ve grown accustomed to with COVID-19. This includes everything from fever to cough to diarrhea. There are a few other symptoms that are particularly associated with omicron and its subvariant, including fatigue, congestion, and a runny nose.

      Is there any way to know for sure that you have the subvariant? Not unless you go into the hospital for some serious testing. You’ll pop positive for COVID with any of the home testing kits that you can get, so that will tell you everything you need to know about the need to quarantine away from others.

      Since the subvariant has so many symptoms as allergies and the common cold, most people don’t realize they have it. This, of course, leads to it spreading to more people.

      Dr. Rachael Lee, an associate professor of infectious disease said, “We will have to wait and see what exactly that means” regarding the symptoms and what people should do. Her advice is to stay hydrated.

      Sex in Space? It’s NASA’s Next Mission


        NASA has had a number of interesting missions over the years. It’s how we’ve learned more about the planets, the possibility of life on Mars, and so much more.

        For the most part, most people view NASA’s missions as a way to learn about whether it’s going to be possible to live somewhere else. If we destroy Earth, will there be somewhere else that we can colonize?

        Well, NASA is ready to talk about sex in space. According to the government agency, no humans have had sex in space as of yet – and it’s time to do some studies in a low gravity environment. In fact, they say that it will be “crucial” for some of the long-haul missions to both the moon and Mars.

        Think about some of the missions that would require astronauts to be away from Earth for years. Are they supposed to simply stay celibate in the name of science? Healthy libidos make for healthy humans – and there’s no reason why anyone would have to stay celibate.

        As of right now, the people going into long-haul space missions are professional astronauts. But what happens when more people want to explore space travel – civilians, including couples, are more likely to go into space – and sex is likely to happen whether government space agencies want to admit it or not.

        This goes so far beyond the mile-high club. We’re talking about the 62-mile high club – and some researchers have said that it’s entirely possible that we’ll see space hotels in the future.

        In the past, NASA has taken the staunch response that “No humans have ever had sex in space.” The unspoken aspect of that is – that we know of. No one’s going to fess up to that because there have been no married couples launched into space together.

        One NASA spokesperson said that they are always looking at the health and safety of crew members. The Human Research Program looks at the various hazards of human spaceflight. “Should a future need for more in-depth study on reproductive health in space be identified, NASA would take the appropriate steps.”

        Imagine signing up for that study. Free trip to space. Must be willing to have sex in space. Observations will be made in the name of science. It sounds quite voyeuristic.

        Although NASA isn’t interested in committing to such a study right now, there have been many scientists who have talked about the need to have sex in space for the purpose of colonizing a new planet. We’re likely at least a few decades away from such a thing.

        There is another possibility that researchers want to explore. A trip to Mars is anticipated to take between seven and nine months each way. Additionally, many would want to live for a year or more on the surface, using space dome housing.

        It is possible that astronauts could have sex in space, conceive a child, and give birth in space – all while away from planet Earth.

        Is it possible? Is it safe? Are there any issues? There’s no way of knowing until such an experiment is done. And it would be much easier to know about any side effects or problems in a controlled experiment instead of dealing with an “oops.”

        Canadian scientists seem particularly eager to study sex in space. “Rocket science may take us to outer space; it will be human relationships that determine if we thrive.”

        Studies on the ISS are looking at sex among animals on board first. If there’s success, it may pave the way to humans having sex – and from there, space tourism may become more of a possibility.

        US Air Force’s War Capability Tumbles to 70%… 50-Year-Old Planes Can’t Win a War


          For the past four years, the Air Force has made a concerted effort to fill…

          For the past four years, the Air Force has made a concerted effort to fill every stall in its corral with war-ready aircraft. The goal is to be able to react in record time and at full strength should the signal be sounded. But things haven’t been going so well.

          In the fiscal year 2021, out of every 10 planes needed to complete missions, only seven were available. This caused the delay of combat missions, routine operations, and pilot training. The planes were sitting in hangers with their engine parts strewn everywhere.

          Mission-capable rates are used to determine the readiness of nearly 40 of the Air Force’s essential aircraft. In 2020 the rate was bad at 72.7%, but 2021 saw it drop even further to 71.5%. The lowest it’s ever been was in 2018 when it toppled to a historical low of 70% but that record might soon be broken if action isn’t taken much sooner than later. 

          Financially, it’s U.S. taxpayers who are getting the unlubricated end of the shaft. Some of these planes are over 50 years old and the required maintenance to keep them mission-worthy is staggering if they can be fixed at all. As long as this status quo is allowed to continue the reliability of the Air Force to successfully complete its mission, both in war and in peacetime, remains in serious question. 

          The Air Force blames lawmakers for getting in the way. They don’t want to foot the bill for replacing outdated aircraft. It’s a lot of money and they have voters to consider. Maintenance costs and such aren’t as widely publicized as spending billions on new planes would be.  

          The flyboys keep submitting plans year after year like they’re told to do, but year after year they keep being rejected. As it stands now those plans are caught up in a quagmire until at least the fiscal year 2023 so keep your fingers crossed over this Russia/Ukraine thing. The Air Force isn’t ready for that sort of thing just yet. 

          Mission-ready rates in the 70 percentile are not going to be enough against a major adversary such as China or Russia. Heritage Foundation defense expert John Venable, also a former fighter pilot, put it this way. 

          “Think about running a war against Russia or China, where you’ve got to generate all of your aircraft in order to make that happen. The math does not bode well.”

          Seven fighter-type aircraft which include B-1B Lancer bombers, CV-22B Osprey air-lifters, and F-22A Raptor fighter jets, are at less than 60% operable and they’re not being fixed any time soon. They’ve had to take a backseat to planes needed for daily operations.

          In 2020, had they been called upon, only 41% of B-1s would have made it out of the starting gate. Those that were down had extensive engine problems and had been down for quite some time. 

          Searching for the bright side of this conundrum, 90% of remote-controlled Reaper attack drones are waiting to fly off the shelves at a moment’s notice. But don’t get too excited. First, you have to get the drones to where they need to be and this requires, you guessed it, the good old USAF and its broken-legged horses. 

          Reaper drones have a range of 1,150 miles. China is 6,903 miles from its closest U.S. border. Get the picture? In the long run, it would be less expensive to replace the antique aircraft than what we’re currently spending to attempt patching them up. Then there’s the capability of winning a war to consider…

          Where’s Liz Cheney? Not Listening to her Constituents, That’s Where


            As you likely know, Wyoming Republican House Representative Liz Cheney isn’t exactly on the best…

            As you likely know, Wyoming Republican House Representative Liz Cheney isn’t exactly on the best of terms with her party and hasn’t been for a while. You’d think that would mean she’d be cozying up to party leaders and her constituents alike, hoping that they’ll show some grace and let her keep her seat come November of this year.

            And yet, it seems she’s been doing the exact opposite.

            Not only is she not spending any time with them, but she’s also taken to choosing liberal media over them.

            As The New York Times recently reported, it’s been a whole two years since Cheney has appeared at a single state party function. And it’s been nearly as long since she’s been seen at a chapter-level event. In fact, she’s only had one in-person event with the people of Wyoming since Veterans Day and Saturday.

            But now, she’s even avoiding those who put her in office in the first place.

            On Saturday night, the Wyoming Republican Party held a black-tie fundraiser event in Rock Springs, something most in both her party and caucus would have blocked out on their calendar for months. and yet, Cheney was not in attendance.

            Instead, she was some 200 miles away at the Wyoming Press Association’s annual convention in Casper.

            That’s right; she was wining and dining with members of the media rather than the voters whose voice she is supposed to be.

            According to what Cheney told the Times, she doesn’t have time for the “crazies” who put her in office. Of course, this is exactly the reason that she’s on the outs with her party, to begin with.

            Cheney was one of a few Republicans who joined with those on the liberal left to impeach former President Donald Trump during House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s second attempt to oust him. As a result, Pelosi rewarded her and fellow turncoat RINO Adam Kinzinger of Illinois to be part of her kangaroo circus committee to “investigate” the January 6 Capitol incursion.

            Now, both Cheney and Kinzinger’s vote against Trump would be understandable if their states had made it known that they were against Trump. But as it turns out, they didn’t. In fact, Cheney’s constituents gave Trump his highest percentage of the vote in the country in 2020, coming in at just under 70 percent, according to the Times.

            Still, Cheney voted against him.

            This made it pretty clear, if it wasn’t already, that Cheney had no interest in actually doing her job, namely speaking for the people of Wyoming. Instead, she seems to only be after the power and prestige that her seat could bring, much as her father did as Vice President under George W. Bush.

            And her party has noticed.

            In January, the Republican State Central Committee held a straw poll vote between Cheney and her primary challenger and Trump-endorsee Harriet Hageman. Hageman won in a landslide with a vote of 59-6.

            And on Friday, as Cheney has since refused to attend several other party events and opportunities to meet with her constituents, the Republican National Committee officially voted to censure both her and Kinzinger.

            All of that, of course, comes after the fact that the Wyoming Republican Party’s Central Committee already voted to not even recognize Cheney as one of their own back in November, officially giving her the title of RINO (Republican in name only).

            Naturally, the Times did well to paint her as more of a martyr than one who had traded sides and ignored the wishes and needs of those entrusted to her. According to their article, she has been “forced… into a kind of exile from Wyoming Republican Party apparatus,” and all because she voted to impeach Trump and not side with the literal millions who question both the integrity of our elections, as well as what the left say happened on January 6 in Washington D.C.

            Undoubtedly, her party doesn’t see her as quite the victim the Times makes her out to be. And comments like her saying she’s not even going to try to convince those “crazies” of her innocence aren’t going to make them see her side of the story any clearer.

            Chances are, she just signed away the death of her career with that last one.


            Minnie Mouse is Getting a Makeover…to Look Like Hillary Clinton


              Remember Minnie Mouse with her cute, polka dot skirt and her bright yellow heels? She’s…

              Remember Minnie Mouse with her cute, polka dot skirt and her bright yellow heels? She’s been a Disney icon for years. Every child who has ever visited a Disney theme park can remember when Minnie waved to them – and what she was wearing.

              Apparently, Minnie is getting a makeover. No one can leave tradition alone. The Mouse has been wearing the same thing for decades. Somehow, it’s no longer good enough.

              There’s only one problem with her makeover. She’s not going more stylish. She’s not being outfitted in skinny jeans or cargo pants. Instead, her new outfit looks more like she got lost inside of Hillary Clinton’s closet.

              Disneyland Paris is the first to announce that Minnie will be getting a new outfit. It is being designed by Stella McCartney, a fashion designer. This is all part of a chance to celebrate Disneyland Paris’ anniversary.

              The French theme park is honoring Women’s History Month in March, so what better way than to make sure that Minnie Mouse looks like a proper woman?

              Now, you might be wondering how many women actually wear pantsuits. It’s certainly a “power” move, but is Minnie the kind of powerhouse you would expect to wear a pantsuit? No. She giggles and walks around carrying flowers, and she pines after Mickey in the cutest way. But to suddenly make her into a businesswoman, especially one who looks like Hillary Clinton, is a bit absurd.

              “Stella McCartney has designed Minnie Mouse’s very first pantsuit, and it’s gorgeous,” Disney tweeted out, complete with a picture.

              Gorgeous is certainly one word for it. It’s a dark blue suit with black polka dots. So, they let Minnie keep her polka dots, but she’s in darker colors than what she’s ever been before. And, they took away her yellow heels in favor of black flats.

              It seems that Minnie Mouse is going to have an identity crisis by the time Stella McCartney is done dressing her.

              Oh, but there’s a reason for it all. She’s a “symbol of progress for a new generation.” Ahh, there it is. We knew that there had to have been a more symbolic meaning to the outfit change. Perhaps the next thing we should expect is that Minnie decides that she doesn’t want to make eyes at Mickey. Perhaps another girl mouse will come along in Disney that Minnie decides she needs to start pining for.

              McCartney’s iconic costume is a blue tuxedo using “responsibly sourced fabrics.” It’s clear that she used that as an inspiration for the famous Mouse’s new outfit.

              As for what people can look forward to if they plan on visiting the Paris theme park, there will be Minnie Mouse t-shirts, also designed by McCartney, that help to honor International Women’s Rights Day.

              McCartney said of her relationship with Minnie, “What I love about Minnie is the fact that she embodies happiness, self-expression, authenticity, and that she inspires people of all ages around the world. Plus, she has such great style!”

              Well, she did until she suddenly got dressed to mirror Hillary Clinton. It’s only a matter of time before Orlando and California’s theme parks decide to jump on the bandwagon. Perhaps they can even get Clinton to share with the mouse. Then, we can abandon all sense of tradition entirely.

              Supreme Court Denied Trump’s Document Suppression Request


                Since Donald Trump was elected President back in 2016 people have been clamoring for his…

                Since Donald Trump was elected President back in 2016 people have been clamoring for his head. They have taken every possible action and route to try and undermine his Presidency and his past. When he left office in early 2021, the deeper attacks on his character and his time in the office got ramped up full force.

                The latest and most prominent attack has been concerning his response to the January 6th insurrection of 2020. The storming of the Capitol building was monumental and widely divided Americans. As a result, thousands of pages of documents have been procured against him, and 700 of those pages have been held up in contestation for some time now. Going along with two lower court rulings, the Supreme Court is refusing to hear the argument about these 700 pages of documents to go through for the investigation.

                Executive privilege is the rationale Trump wants to use to keep the documents quiet and kept out of the case. Unfortunately, as so many of the cases against the insurrectionists can depend greatly upon these documents, they must be allowed. This is the unfortunate situation you easily find yourself in when you have become a light to the world for many people. As the admiration and respect pile up, the level of responsibility and people looking to take you down also goes up.

                As White House Counsel Dana Remus wrote in a letter to the National Archives back in 2021 “President [Joe] Biden has determined that an assertion of executive privilege is not in the best interests of the United States, and therefore is not justified as to any of the documents.” This idea is something conservatives would be demanding of the progressives when it comes to the mental health of President Biden and many other things. With Biden setting this example now, he is leaving himself open to having a lot of his mistakes widely exposed.

                This refusal to consider suppressing the documents has the potential to be a real blessing in disguise for many Americans and Republicans as a whole. While many think this is just going to be a horrible situation for conservatives, it now lays down a whole new framework for transparency from the White House. Especially when it comes to their communications with the Department of Justice; since that is who most of the communications are with.

                Given the history of the two hiding communications and being less than upfront with how the communications are progressing, it is natural that Trump would want these suppressed. Yet he also knows that sometimes a great leader must fall on his sword for the cause. Perhaps this will be Trump’s moment? Then again, with his allegations that he had no advanced notice and had nothing to do with the situation these could be the very documents that exonerate him from any wrongdoing.

                Preventing records from being heard is not uncommon, nor is it surprising. Given the value and information that may be contained within, some of the information may come down to national security. Should that be the case, most of it will be redacted before the American people can read the documents and gain a deeper understanding of what may have transpired that day.

                Anyway, the case goes for Trump, the table has been set and the progressives are ready to fight for every inch they think they have. Unfortunately for them, we are ready to fight back, and given the evidence of how much they were responsible for and how they failed to perform, it is almost a guarantee that this ruling won’t do anything to Trump. The left had their head too far up their backside on Jan 6th and paid the price for it. They encouraged their actions, even if they don’t want to admit it.

                Progressives Come Face to Face With What They Really Look Like as a Party

                  By Nick_ Raille_07/shutterstock.com

                  The truth regarding the reality of the progressive movement is starting to sink in as the mess in San Francisco is revealed. The progressives claim that they plan to make every person in America have the life that the rich and famous have. They claim that they will give everyone access to free things only owned by those with money. They want to push for free healthcare, college tuition, and many other socialist ideas. But they refuse to believe the truth that the path they love so much is a path to destruction.

                  Michelle Tandler is one progressive that is starting to wake up to the truth of what she has believed in most of her life. She bought into the socialist mentality and thought that everything would be great. But when the progressive ideology ravaged her city, she realized just how wrong she had been.

                  The horrors of her as the truth caused her to question the people pushing a progressive ideology. The entire city of San Francisco is under one-party rule. The liberals are in control, and there is nothing to balance them out. There is no Republican voice because the liberals drown them out and do not listen to them.

                  The god-like Democrats that Tandler once believed in have shown their true colors as they have slowly destroyed the greatness of San Francisco. Tandler pointed out that things are so bad in the city that “In January, United Nations Special Rapporteur Leilani Farha visited Oakland and San Francisco as part of a fact-finding mission about housing and expressed shock and horror at the living conditions of homeless residents in one of the wealthiest societies in the world.”

                  She went to show that the report she referenced stated, “Farha’s presentation made only a few direct references to the Bay Area, in the same breath as cities like Belgrade, Mumbai, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Delhi, Mexico City, and Santiago, where she visited ‘overcrowded shacks,’ ‘damp abandoned buildings,’ ‘unrecognized settlements,’ ‘half-demolished homes,’ and even entire neighborhoods where residents live in ‘complete darkness during the daytime.’”

                  The horrors she saw in her beloved city were enough to make her want to abandon the progressive movement. The leaders of her party have lied to their followers and promised great things that lead to destruction.

                  The truth is that progressive elites could care less about the poor. The homeless problem plagues the city, and the leaders are content to let people live in the gutters and makeshift homes. They are satisfied with letting people starve and die in the streets. They do not think them being worthy of help.

                  San Francisco now has massive garbage piles in the streets, rodents running wild, and so many more issues that it is next to impossible to find a single solution for them all. The only thing that the people can do is oust the progressives from office and vote people into power who care about how things are run. The Republican Party is their only hope.

                  Joe Biden is a replica of the type of people ruining San Francisco. He wants to install the same insane-based programs that have slowly turned one of the greatest cities in the world into the worst city in the world. People do not want to live in an overrun area with crime and pollution of all kinds.

                  The city has billions of dollars at its disposal, according to Tandler. And yet the problems remain. The Democrats cry for more money, telling people that it will solve all social ills. But in the end, it will solve nothing unless there are competent people behind the money using it wisely.

                  The sad reality of the future under Democrat rule is sickening. These are the same people who threaten others with harm if they try to reveal the truth behind what the liberals are trying to do. But in the end, there are more than enough Republican voters to turn the tables on the most liberal city in the world.

                  Is Biden Secretly Planning to Replace Harris?

                    By Sheila Fitzgerald/shutterstock.com

                    As you can well imagine, approval ratings for the current administration are tanking… and fast. In fact, it is now pretty much a known fact the Biden-Harris regime is the most disliked in our nation’s history thus far. It’s also known that Democratic President Joe Biden’s second in command, Vice President Kamala Harris is the lesser liked of the pair.

                    And Biden knows it.

                    Undoubtedly, this has to do with a number of issues, including her failure to effectively handle the out-of-control immigration crisis at our southern border, as well as increasing the number of vaccinated Americans.

                    But while her failures on at least one of those fronts are certainly her fault, the rest may not be.

                    You see, rumors are buzzing about a growing tension in the White House between Biden and Harris – and one that is likely to end in disaster, particularly for the first female VP.

                    When the duo first took over the White House, they swore their administration would do things differently, and that included changing up the usual relationship between the president and vice president. According to Biden, Harris was to be involved in just about everything he did, from the daily presidential briefing and major policy issues to press releases and so on.

                    And at first, that was the case.

                    However, after it became clear that the first few agenda items given to Harris, starting with the immigration nightmare, were not being solved in a timely or effective manner, it seems that Biden’s trust in her has waned.

                    But rather than simply offering a helping hand or pushing her in a direction where she could be more useful, he’s relegated her to the more traditional and behind-the-scenes role of a vice president.

                    And Harris and her fans resent him for it.

                    According to CNN and certain White House insider sources, “Kamala Harris is a leader but is not being put in positions to lead. (Biden) should be putting her in positions to succeed, as opposed to putting weights on her. If you did give her the ability to step up and help her lead, it would strengthen you and strengthen the party.”

                    But that’s clearly not what Biden has in mind.

                    In fact, buried in one report, in particular, is the idea that Biden and his immediate staff may consider soon replacing Harris and sending her to the Supreme Court instead.

                    And according to CNN, the “chatter has already reached top levels of the Biden orbit.”

                    Now, as we all know, rumors in Washington often end up to be just that, nothing more than ramblings, even if one wishes they would come true. However, that doesn’t mean talk on the subject won’t continue.

                    And as The Daily Wire points out, they will likely get even louder as time and her abysmal approval ratings continue.

                    According to a poll by USA Today and Suffolk University, only 28 percent of America thinks Harris is doing a good job as our vice president, and some 51 percent disapprove of her performance. Similarly, Biden has an approval rating of only 38 percent.

                    Biden clearly thinks that part of his administration’s problem is Harris herself. And while it certainly might be, as was already mentioned, the idea of turning his back on her isn’t likely the best solution.

                    Take the much-talked-about presidential election of 2024, for example. While Biden announced back in March that he would be seeking re-election, many assumed that he would also be giving Harris more responsibility, possibly even putting her in a position to take his place and the 2024 candidacy.

                    After all, didn’t he say during his campaign that she would need to be able to take over on “day one?”

                    And the fact that he has grown more and more, well, troubled, to put it lightly, has only given hope to that idea. I mean, if Biden himself isn’t incapable of making sound decisions or even remembering where he is or why shouldn’t his second in command be ready and willing to step up to the plate?

                    But now, it would seem those ideas have changed, at least when it comes to Harris. And that draws significant concerns from the party, as they become less and less certain of his ability to pull out another win on his own.

                    Let’s just say either look is not good for the Democratic Party.

                    Rallies Growing in California in Defiance of Governor’s School Vaccine Mandate


                      By Viacheslav Lopatin/shutterstock.comPeople are continuing to rally together in the state of California over the COVID vaccine…

                      By Viacheslav Lopatin/shutterstock.com

                      People are continuing to rally together in the state of California over the COVID vaccine mandate. On Monday, parents and other people across the state gathered to voice their concerns about forced vaccinations.

                      ABC 10 gave this report, “The Our Children, Our Choice Rally is calling on people to head to the Capitol on Nov. 15 in response to California’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. It includes a call to keep students home from school to show the districts how many students they could lose due to the mandate, according to [an event organizer].”

                      Jonathan Zachreson, the event organizer for the rally, said that he believed the commitment was so strong among the parents that they were just not going to give up. He said they would continue to fight in both rallies and writing to their representatives. And they would go to school boards to pass resolutions saying that they would not comply.

                      Zachreson said that the rally was not an anti-vaccine rally and that people could come whether they were vaccinated or unvaccinated. The rally was ultimately about choice in regard to the COVID-19 vaccine at school.

                      It was just last month that students at schools across the state staged a walkout in defiance of vaccine and testing requirements that were set to take effect. The same organizers that planned the walkout were a part of the rally on Monday.

                      “If the rally’s name sounds familiar, that’s because co-organizers Amber Faddis and Tess Van Dusen held a similar event last month. Zachreson says nearly 4,000 people attended that rally,” ABC 10 reported.

                      The Los Angeles Daily News reported last month that the demonstrations covered from San Francisco to San Diego, and from the San Fernando Valley to the Inland Empire and to Orange County. These planned demonstrations coincided with statewide employee vaccination requirements that start this week. School employees now must choose to either get vaccinated, tested or potentially lose their jobs.

                      Over the weekend, there were signs of possible sit-outs and some other forms of protests spreading on social media. Activists were urging parents to pull their children from school and for teachers and other staff to join them by staying home from work.

                      Last month the Happy Valley Union School Board voted 3-1 to defy California’s vaccine mandate for teachers and students. The school superintendent, Shelly Craig, is also the principal of Happy Valley Elementary School. She said that she does not have enough information to adequately answer questions about what will happen if people defy the mandate for vaccinations. She is unsure of the effect it will have on state funding or how children will be kept safe from COVID-19.

                      This school district is not the only one in the state to defy the governor’s decision on the mandate. The Daily Wire reported that the Board of Trustees of the Calaveras Unified School District voted 5-0 not to “support, enforce or comply with” the mandate, which continues to be pending.

                      The board announced their decision to parents on their Facebook page and said their vote applies to both students and staff. They also voted to put the topics of mask mandates and testing protocols for COVID-19 on the agenda for the board’s meeting on November 23.

                      Gavin Newsom, the Democratic governor of California, announced on October 1 that his state would be the first to force eligible students in both private and public schools to be vaccinated.

                      KFI News in Los Angeles reported, “The governor is directing the California Department of Public Health to add the COVID vaccine to other vaccinations required for in-person learning.”