Emmanuel Macron Surrenders to Far-Right Bulldozer Marine LePen, Calls Snap Legislative Election Amid Humiliating Defeat

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Victor Velter / shutterstock.comIn a dramatic response to his party’s significant losses in the European Parliament elections, French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Sunday that he would dissolve the National Assembly and call for an early legislative election. Addressing the nation from the Elysee Palace, Macron declared, “I’ve decided to give you back the choice of our parliamentary […]

Biden Finds a Wall He Supports

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Framalicious / shutterstock.comWhen it comes to borders, and walls, some would say that Joe Biden is strictly against them. Or at least that is the message sent by his complete lack of concern for what is going on around our southern national border. But it seems that when it comes to more personal matters, walls and borders […]

PA State Senator Proposes ‘Moral’ Minimum Wage Hike To $20 An Hour So Working Class Can Afford Netflix Subscriptions and Avocado Toast

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ELUTAS / shutterstock.comA Pennsylvania state senator has proposed a significant increase in the state’s minimum wage, aiming to set it at $20 per hour, which would be the highest state minimum wage in the United States. State Sen. Christine Tartaglione (D) introduced Senate Bill 1186 (SB 1186), which seeks to elevate the minimum wage in Pennsylvania from […]

Will Trump Land in Prison?

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DannyOliva / shutterstock.comTrump’s been found guilty of 34 charges in the NYC hush-money case, but will he actually go to prison because of it? We want to know what you think: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Remember When Obama Offered Jeremiah Wright Hush Money in 2008?

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Gil Corzo / shutterstock.comIt’s time for Barack Obama to be charged with a serious felony or maybe even chop one crime up into 34 felonies. We’ve been reliably assured by people on television that paying hush money to a person to sway the outcome of an election is a huge crime. So… where are the handcuffs for Barack […]

Biden’s Dangerous Diplomacy: How Iran’s Nuclear Stockpile is Growing Unchecked

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grynold / shutterstock.comLast week, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) published a report expressing concerns about the rapid advancement of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The report attributed this progress to failures in the foreign policy of the Biden administration. The IAEA’s May report indicates a substantial increase in Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile, which has grown by 1,489.8 […]

McDonald’s Executive Addresses $18 Big Mac- Blames Biden

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Natali Kuzina / shutterstock.comJoe Erlinger, the head honcho of McDonald’s USA, wants you to calm down about those outrageous $18 Big Macs you’ve heard about. In an open letter, Erlinger insists that such prices are the “exception” and not the norm, aiming to “set the record straight” for the millions of McDonald’s customers. In his letter to “our […]

WATCH: Is Biden Threatening Top Retailers?

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Perry McLeod / shutterstock.comBidenomics is a disaster. Everything is more expensive. And now, it seems Biden may be threatening top retailers just so that he can look better ahead of the election. Watch now:

Pandemics: Real or Election Distractions?

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Paopano / shutterstock.comPandemics are happening more and more – COVID, bird flu, and so on. Are they real or are they lies being told to us so that we lose sight of the election? Take our quick poll: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Watch: Squad Member Rashida Tlaib Tells Huge Detroit Crowd to Vote Against Biden

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Maxim Elramsisy / shutterstock.comThe book “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley was a cautionary tale. Sometimes, the monsters that we create will turn around and try to destroy us. The Democrat Party is learning that lesson good and hard right now. After years of developing increasingly leftwing, communist policies, the Democrats now have an insurgency group within their own ranks. […]

Trump Would Get Secret Service in Jail

If Trump were to get locked up for his alleged crimes, the Secret Service would keep him company. Watch for the full story:

Biden Brag’s About NATO Expansion While Ignoring His Middle East Fiascos at West Point

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Drop of Light / shutterstock.comPresident Joe Biden took to the podium at the recent West Point graduation ceremony, proudly highlighting NATO’s expansion, his Middle East maneuvers, and efforts to curb military sexual assaults. Let’s dissect this grandstanding. Biden avoided mentioning former President Donald Trump but took the chance to draw contrasts subtly. Democrats are always trying to convince us […]

Norway and France Support ICC Arrest Warrant Against Netanyahu

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Friemann / shutterstock.comBoth the UK and US governments have objected to the International Criminal Court (ICC) issuing arrest warrants for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials. Not all of those nations’ allies in Europe are in alignment with that, however. Both France and Norway have come out in support of charging top Israeli officials as […]

Let’s Go Brandon: Drug Cartels Now Operating in All 50 States

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Gorodenkoff / shutterstock.comJoe Biden’s total failure as a leader has resulted in the Sinaloa and Jalisco cartels from Mexico now controlling the entire illicit drug trade in the United States. According to a new report just issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the cartels are now operating in all 50 states. The report shows that thousands […]

The Hollywood Connection: Star’s Wife Linked to ICC Arrest Warrant for Israeli Leaders

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Fred Duval / shutterstock.comIn a surprising twist, Amal Clooney, a prominent human rights lawyer and the spouse of Hollywood actor George Clooney, has been revealed as a significant figure in the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) recent decision to issue arrest warrants against Israeli leaders. According to reports by the Daily Wire, the ICC’s move to issue arrest warrants […]